Fox’s Minority Report Casts One Returning Actor And One Newcomer

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

Minority ReportFox’s Minority Report has been rolling along at a good clip. The development process appears to be going fairly smooth, and after the pilot got the green light from the network last month, they’ve added two new pieces to the cast, or more accurately, one new piece, and one old piece.

You’re probably well aware that Minority Report the series is based Minority Report the movie, the 2002 Steven Spielberg-directed, Tom Cruise-starring sci-fi actioner (which is, itself, based on a Philip K. Dick short story). Cruise is not going to be back for the upcoming show—unless it’s terrible, you have to imagine that this will get picked up, though it’s Fox, so it’ll be cancelled right when we fall in love with it—but according to Deadline, Daniel London, who appeared in the film, will reprise his role for the pilot. Newcomer Li Jun Li is also set to join the party.

Framed as a sequel to the film, Minority Report takes place ten years after the Washington D.C. Precrime project—where Tom Cruise used three Precogs, mutated humans who can see crime before they happened, to arrest murderers and criminals before they commit their heinous deeds—came to an end. One of the Precogs, Dash, struggles to integrate into daily society and lead a normal life, haunted by futuristic visions. When he meets the protagonist, a detective named Lara Vega, who is haunted by her own horrific past, he again finds a useful outlet for his gift.

In Spielberg’s film, London plays Wally the caretaker, and will take on that role once again. Wally is a Precrime worker tasked with taking care of the Precogs, and in this new iteration he is eager to lend a hand to help out Vega and Dash. He’ll also be aiding a crime scene investigator named Akeela, played by Li, who is also involved in the process of helping Dash create his new identity. Aside from that, there’s not much to know about her role just yet.

Li Jun LiGodzilla writer Max Borenstein is on board to write the pilot and serve as a producer, along with Daryl Frank and Justin Falvey from Amblin TV. Kevin Falls (Franklin & Bash) will serve as showrunner.