Explore The World Of Syfy’s Defiance With These Set Photos

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

Details have generally been sparse regarding Syfy’s upcoming television series/massive multiplayer online role playing game, Defiance. We know it’s set in a post-alien invasion world, and that there will be an unprecedented crossover between the show and game—elements from the show will appear in the game, and the events of the game will occasionally pop up in the episodes.

The network is gradually revealing more and more about Defiance. First they delivered this trailer, and now we’ve got a new collection of behind-the-scenes photos.

Of the images in this album, the most interesting are the pictures of the sets. They have a definite aesthetic and feel. You can’t help but notice a certain Mad Max kind of style going on, especially with the post-apocalyptic battle vehicles.

In this version of Earth, occupied by a number of alien races, survivors make their homes wherever they can. There’s a kind of hobo-ish shantytown, old train cars have been converted into living spaces, and who knew you could turn old cargo containers into a multi-level family home?

From the mind of Farscape creator Rockne S. O’Bannon, Definance looks to focus a lot on world-building. They’re going all out. Which is great, because nothing pulls you out of a fictional world like missteps in continuity and avoidable screw-ups where the details are concerned.

The rest of the photos are of the cast, including Julie Benz and Grant Bowler, and a random smattering of the lesser-seen places on the set.

Defiance transports us to a dirty, dingy, alien-infested version of future Earth starting in April 2013.