Dune Director David Lynch May Return To Sci-Fi With Ronnie Rocket

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Weird, talented, possibly crazy auteur David Lynch hasn’t really worked in the science fiction genre since his sprawling film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classic Dune in 1984. Maybe that’s been for the best. While the movie has its supporters it’s largely regarded as a colossal, confusing failure.

Now though, Lynch is talking about making Ronnie Rocket, a script he’s had written since long before making Dune back in the 80s, but has never actually done anything with. In theory the screenplay involves a small, electric-powered man with red hair and a detective who enters Ronnie’s mindscape to save him. Sounds just about exactly like the kind of weird we’ve come to expect from David Lynch.

So he’s had this movie forever but recently Lynch told Salon that he’s still thinking about doing it. Apparently he looks at it now and then and says, ” there’s always something I haven’t figured out yet. I want to make it; I love that world.”

Whether he’ll actually get around to it is another question entirely. Recently David Lynch has devoted most of his time to making short films and documentaries and hasn’t made a legitimate, full length feature since Inland Empire back in 2006.