Disney Goes To Endor In Poster For 2013’s Star Wars Weekends

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Let’s be clear about this. Disney created its Hollywood Studios Star Wars Weekends event back in 1997, while The Phantom Menace was still in its pre-production and pre-damnation days. They had their eye on Lucas’ franchise when the Ewoks were still its biggest scarlet letter, and amassed a large amount of the cast and crew to show up over the years.

So while one might have thought Disney’s newest promotional poster for their popular spring spectacle might have celebrated or mentioned the fact that Star Wars was now Disney’s cash cow, it’s just your usual mash-up. The poster, with its border-bursting effects, is clearly advertising the Star Tours: The Adventure Continues attraction that takes participants on 3-D adventures through the Star Wars universe, with a random story generator that offers a different experience nearly every time. I’m not a paid representative. I just want one in my bedroom.


There’s no denying the automatic coolness quality that Ewoks get by having Chip and Dale represent them. I won’t go on record saying Mickey Mouse adds positivity to anything. Perhaps its coincidental that one of the confirmed celebrities appearing at this year’s festivities, which run from May 17 – June 9, is former Ewok Warwick Davis. Incidentally, his HBO series Life’s Too Short put him right back into that costume, and a short amount of hilarity ensued. Ray Park, the actor who portrayed the underused Darth Maul, has also signed on make appearances. Hopefully this won’t be comparable to Episode VII in terms of constant rumors about who may or may not want to sign autographs.