DC Needs A Movie/TV Multiverse, And Here’s How To Make It Happen

By David Wharton | 6 years ago

SupesThink Beyond Now — Make Everything Canon
But while we’re on this path, let’s get really crazy. Establishing a multiverse comprised of all the current and currently planned DC movies and TV shows would be groundbreaking enough, the next step beyond the “shared universe” thing that’s all the rage right now. But if you really want to blow people’s minds, why stop with “current?” The nice thing about a multiverse is that the various pieces don’t have to fit together or remain consistent, except in those areas where they specifically interact or overlap. So I say go big or go home: why not declare that everything exists in the multiverse? I mean every single thing: every show, every movie, every cartoon, every game. All those countless incarnations on DC’s iconic characters, all of them existing in an expansive, intricate latticework of realities.

Really, there isn’t anything standing in the way. DC could hold a press conference tomorrow and say, “Everything’s a multiverse,” and that’d be it. In and of itself it doesn’t require any effort or maintenance, but it opens the doors to some truly bonkers ideas. Have The Flash crank it up to ludicrous and enter the Speed Force, then show us a glimpse of the multiverse: Christopher Reeve’s Superman next to George Reeves’ Superman next to Dean Cain’s Superman next to Tom Welling’s Superman next to Brandon Routh’s Superman next to Henry Cavill’s Superman. I’ll personally fly out to high-five everybody at DC. At least once I stop shedding tears of pure nerd joy, anyway.

Plus, infinite universes means an infinite number of them are bad, so things like the Green Lantern movie would still be canon, it’s just that they exist in Earth-Shitty or whatever.

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