The CW’s The Messengers Adds This Battlestar Galactica Star

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Jamie BamberOnce the sole bastion of sassy teen melodramas, The CW is quietly building a solid sci-fi base. Comic book-based shows like Arrow and The Flash are hits, The 100 is way better than any of us expected it to be, and though it was cancelled, The Tomorrow People got decent near the end. One of their next genre offerings, The Messengers, is slated to show up mid-season, sometime in 2015, and they’ve added some more names to the cast, including one Battlestar Galactica vet.

Jamie Bamber, who played the modern incarnation of Lee “Apollo” Adama on the updated Sci-Fi (remember when it was Sci-Fi not Syfy?) series, has signed on for the new show. The Messengers is the tale of fives strangers who are similarly impacted when some sort of mystery object collides with Earth. They collapse and apparently die, all at the same time, but a few hours later, all five come back to life (Army of Darkness taught us that when that happens, you get an axe). Now they have powers, like super strength and the ability to heal, and they’re either the only hope of stopping the Rapture, or perhaps the ones causing it to happen. I guess we’ll have to tune in to find out.

Joining a cast that already includes Shantel VanSanten, Jon Fletcher, Sofia Black-D’Elia, JD Pardo, Joel Courtney, Anna Diop, and Diogo Morgado, Bamber has landed the recurring role of Vincent Plowman. According to reports, he is “the unapologetically aggressive co-chairman of Plowman Family Farms, one of the world’s most successful agricultural companies. Along with his older brother Mark, he is the face of a business on the cutting edge of new farming technology that has the potential of eliminating draught and famine worldwide. But in the end, Vincent’s favored son status may uproot his ambitious plans in more ways than one.”

Well that’s certainly ominous.

riley smithIf you read that description and wondered who is going to play the brother, have no fear, we’ve got that for you too. True Blood’s Riley Smith has also joined the cast to play Mark, who sounds a bit different than his sibling. He is described as “a quiet, salt of the earth type of man you’d expect to find walking the fields, not sitting in the boardroom of a powerful farming business. But as a family man, his heart is usually in the right place—especially when it comes to pioneering new ways to feed the world. But the shadow cast by his charismatic and outgoing younger brother has planted some deep resentment along the way that may destroy a lot more than the next harvest.”

It’s easy to imagine these two disparate personality types coming into conflict and having different interests, isn’t it?