New Fringe Teaser Warns: They Are Coming

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

The premiere for Fox’s Fringe is quickly approaching. Unfortunately for fans, the fifth season will also be the last. To make matters worse, it will also be trimmed down to a sparse thirteen episodes.

On a more positive note, at least the show knows the end is nigh, so they have an opportunity for closure. Especially with a show like Fringe, just ending would have left a lot of loose ends dangling in the breeze. Now an ominous new trailer teases the story arc for the upcoming season. Heads up: both the trailer and the comments below have minor spoilers for the upcoming season. If you’re a fan of the show, you likely have already heard about this stuff, but just in case…

For the final battle, it appears the producers of Fringe are pulling out all the stops. In season five the Fringe team returns to the year 2036, the setting first explored in the season four episode “Letters of Transit.” The future finds the world taken over by the Observers, who as it turns out are from even further in the future. They come from the year 2609, where they have totally trashed the entire world, to the point where it is uninhabitable. As a result, the pasty bald creeps travel back in time to establish an Orwellian dystopia in the 21st century.

Through a series of voiceovers, this trailer lays the groundwork for this plot, and the war Fringe Division will wage against the Observers. Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson), his father Walter (John Noble), and the rest will team up with Peter and Olivia’s (Anna Torv) now-grown daughter, Henrietta (Georgina Haig).

Season five of Fringe kicks off on Friday, September 28th, with an episode called “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11.”

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