Buy Mass Effect Art Books And Action Figures, Get Free Mass Effect 3 DLC

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

Like it or not, downloadable content is a firmly entrenched part of the gaming landscape at this point, and its prominence is only growing. If you’re a die-hard fan who doesn’t mind paying to extend or modify your game experience, that’s a good thing. It does get a little annoying when every retailer is offering different promotional DLC bundles to try and entice you to buy from them, however. For the upcoming release of Bioware’s Mass Effect 3, the DLC bait is coming from all the usual places, not to mention a few new ones. The company is including exclusive DLC codes with both a Mass Effect art book and several action figures based on the gaming franchise.

The first offer is for customers who pre-order Dark Horse‘s Art of the Mass Effect Universe book from Barnes and Noble before February 20th. Aside from a nifty bit of coffee-table reading, the purchase will net you a code to download the “Collector Assault Rifle” and some character boosters you can use in ME3‘s multiplayer mode. The DLC offer is good for the PC and Xbox 360 versions of Mass Effect 3; sorry, Playstation fans. Here’s the gun’s description for you ME lore junkies out there:

The Collector Assault Rifle uses the same principles as a human assault rifle, but its organic components clearly set it apart. Its power source appears to be an internal organ with biotic capacitance; its ammunition resembles pellets of metallic enamel that strip shields off enemies with deadly efficiency.

The Art of the Mass Effect Universe lists for $39.99, but you can get it on sale for $26.91 at Barnes and Noble’s website right now. It hits shelves on February 21st.

If you’re more of a collectible addict, you can also grab some DLC buy ordering the Mass Effect action figures from Bioware’s webstore. The toys include renderings of Commander Shepard, Thane, Grunt, and fan favorite Tali. They’re set to release in April/May 2012, but if you pre-order you’ll get codes good for “powerful new weapons and new characters” for the game’s multiplayer modes. Again, these codes are only available for PC and Xbox 360 users. You can check the action figures out in the gallery below, as well as a look at the Collector gun and the cover art for the book.

Mass Effect 3 releases on March 6th for PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. Thanks for Games Radar for alerting us to the DLC offers.