Government UFO Report Released, Here’s What We Learned

Here's what the government's task force has learned from UFO sightings over the past two decades.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


The US government has been boasting for a while that they’re going to release an official document to the public about their unidentified aerial phenomena findings. Many have been excited about this, some have even expected for the government to acknowledge that UFO sightings may involve extraterrestrial life. Now that the nine-page document has been released, it’s more in line with what you might expect the government to say, which is that basically, they don’t know what’s happening. The report does include details on sightings, however, and acknowledges that the government isn’t ruling anything out, including extraterrestrial life.

Most interestingly, the UFO report acknowledges multiple incidents where technology has been observed to be behaving in ways the United States government currently doesn’t have the technological capability of replicating or explaining. Does that mean another country, like China, secretly knows how to create this technology? The United States doesn’t believe so, but doesn’t rule that out as a possibility. Does that mean that aliens have built little ships and are sending them to fly around Earth? The United States doesn’t believe so, but doesn’t rule that out as a possibility.

The issue, the document claims, is that the data is limited and inconclusive. While most of the UFO sighting reports that they have recorded and available for study happen near military grounds, that may very well be because military training and testing grounds have advanced security technology ready and able to record these events.

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The Pentagon has been looking at 143 UFO reports that remain unexplained and that have taken place since 2004. They’ve been investigated by a task force. Of those 143 reports, 21 of the unexplained incidents include observed technological capabilities that the task force simply can’t explain.

While this is hardly a UFO report that says, “Hey, the government knows aliens are flying around,” as some media outlets occasionally give people hope for, it is a big deal that the government has come this far in discussing the reality that there are unidentified objects flying around, with technology that we can’t explain. Some of this includes flying objects that are moving with rapid acceleration that we don’t know how to replicate or objects that are moving without propulsion that we can decipher.

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Waiting for this report from the Pentagon task force has been long for enthusiasts who want more confirmation and more answers. Former President Barack Obama had general audiences more curious after he recently publicly confirmed on a talk show that yes, the government knows about UFOs.

Meanwhile, the fact that these reports basically say the USA knows we have these security threats, with observable technology that we don’t understand, has led many to question whether the government is doing enough to properly investigate the situation. To many, it seems the United States has only recently begun to take these investigations seriously. There is a reporting system for UFO sightings and the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force is doing more to organize that.

There is some question about whether the task force and the public report are intended to make the public less interested in what the government knows about the UFOs, so that they can go back to the way they have handled these incidents in the past, or whether this is to show that they are pursuing these security risks more seriously in the future. It’ll be interesting to see how the government handles it from here. Instead of the report serving as an end to the question of what the government knows about UFOs, it’s turned into a hopeful turning point of seeing what they do next.