UFO Sightings Given A Definitive Answer By The Government

The US government has given an explanation for what they think UFO sightings are, but some are rightfully skeptical of the answer

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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UFO talk has been something hovering around the collective consciousness for decades now, basically ever since we were able to look at the skies and try to explain various objects and abnormalities seen up there. And over the last year, it’s only heated up with our government now being pressed to release all information they have on the strange occurrences. But with more info coming out, it appears the government is hedging its bets some, not willing to say definitively that UFO sightings were actually aliens. 

In an interview with Boston University’s publication BU Today, two experts in the field of military aviation and security as well as astronomy were asked to weigh in on the upcoming report due out from the U.S. government. That’s regarding the existence of aliens and the explanations around encounters with unexplained objects in the sky. In this report, some of the government explanations fall into the category of possible technology from foreign governments or militaries. This explanation is meant to presume that our military happened upon other countries testing new space-age technologies and we just happened to “catch” them doing it. 

Both Weinstein and Bania are skeptical of this explanation from the government documents for a couple of simple reasons. The first is that the UFO sightings date back nearly 70 years now. If foreign governments had been in active testing mode of new technologies back then, then surely we would have seen some approximation of the objects over the past many decades. Is it reasonable to think these would have been developed and not used at some point, especially if they, you know, actually worked? 

Additionally, Weinstein and Baria admit the government ruling out the existence of alien beings to explain the UFO encounters is shortsighted. While not definite that these strange objects were from a different galaxy, it’s very tough to explain the speed and movement of some of the sightings within the context of what we humans know about aviation and technology. 

All of this recent UFO discussion comes on the heels or numerous video encounters of unidentified objects being released over the previous few months. It’s part of a ramp-up of information that is becoming accessible from the U.S. government. As part of the Covid-19 relief bill, a stipulation was made to make all evidence of possible alien encounters open to the public. That has meant more and more information being released over the last few months. And much of it is very hard to explain. 

Some of what’s been put out there was a possible UFO sighting off the coast of San Diego by military radar and aircraft pilots. They appear to have seen more than a dozen different objects performing a whole host of maneuvers off the coast at speeds and angles that would appear impossible for typical aircraft. 

The government report on the UFO sightings is due this month, though parts were leaked to the New York Times recently. It was in that leak that we saw the first glimpse of the possibility that the report will try to rule out aliens as part of the explanation, instead trying to pin it on foreign governments testing new technology. Time will tell what the general public makes of this report though that Weinstein does offer a solid take when he says, “I think everyone who believes in UFOs will see a conspiracy if the government doesn’t say they are UFOs.”