Stephen Hawking Died Without An Understanding Women Or Time Travel

By Joshua Tyler | Updated

Stephen Hawking women

He was the most well-known scientist in the world and in his later years, he did all his work from a wheelchair. Presumably, that also left him with a lot of time to think. Stephen Hawking died in 2018 but a couple of years before his death, in an interview at the age of 70, he revealed that he still didn’t know everything. turned 70 this past Sunday and even he still doesn’t know everything.

Hawking may have been one of the smartest beings in all of human history, but there were still a lot of things he never understood.

For instance, in an interview with New Scientist he confessed: “Women. They are a complete mystery.” He also hasn’t really figured out time travel, as outlined in this 1995 communication from Hawking…