Legendary Rock Band Plans To Tour Forever Using AI

By Britta DeVore | Published

I Wanna Rock

During their decades-long career as one of the biggest rock bands in the world, it’s safe to say that The Rolling Stones are larger than life. Now, the band’s legendary guitar player, Keith Richards, is insinuating that they may be even larger than death. In an interview with Matt Wilkinson on the host’s self-titled Apple Music 1 show (via Futurism), Richards revealed his belief that the band will never truly die – thanks to A.I. technology.

The Rolling Stones Will Continue Touring After Death In Holographic Form?

While The Rolling Stones’ party animal says that he isn’t so sure that he wants to keep touring in an A.I. capacity after he kicks the bucket, he says, “It won’t be up to me, will it?” At this point, Richards is “pretty sure that [a posthumous hologram tour] is bound to happen.” With the band showing no signs of slowing down, they recently dropped their album, “Hackney Diamonds,” the first release to feature original music since 2005.

Lada Gaga And Others Join The Rolling Stones On New Album

Featuring guests including Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, and Lady Gaga, fans are already eating up The Rolling Stones’ latest contribution to the rock n’ roll community. And, where there’s a new album, there’s likely a tour, with news expected any day that the band will be back on the road – in human form with no A.I. in sight.

Mick Jagger Is All For The Possibility Of An AI Tour

While Richards may not be too keen on a posthumous hologram tour, his The Rolling Stones counterpart, Mick Jagger, told the Wall Street Journal that he wasn’t opposed to the idea. In September, the band’s frontman told the outlet, “You can have a posthumous business now, can’t you?” pointing to the idea that it might be a final outlet for the band to continue living even after they’ve passed.

Jagger pointed to the Swedish pop group, ABBA, who went on an A.I. tour dubbed “Voyage” in 2022, noting that even in just one year, “the technology has really moved on.”

Tech Has Already Brought Famous Musicians Back From The Dead

Blowing the minds of 2012 Coachella goers, one of the first examples of hologram technology was used to resurrect Tupac Shakur for an appearance alongside Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Since then, The Rolling Stones frontman is right, technology has come a very long way in what it can do with A.I., with ABBA’s tour being celebrated by fans as one for the books.

Because ABBA’s last show together was in 1979, with the band breaking up just a few years later, the Voyage tour gave fans from multiple generations a chance to see the band as close to in person as you can get.

Six Decades In, The Rolling Stones Show No Signs Of Slowing Down

Luckily, for fans of The Rolling Stones, the band has managed to cheat death time and time again as they’re notably known as some of the biggest partiers the rock n’ roll world has ever known. Along with their new album, the performers recently appeared in a secret New York City show opposite Lady Gaga and Questlove. Unlike many other musicians from that era, there’s just no slowing down The Stones.

Whether The Rolling Stones made a deal with the devil or are just on top of their vitamin intake, Keith Richards won’t need to worry about a posthumous hologram tour anytime soon with his bandmates continuing to roll along. But, when it does happen and the curtain closes on one of the greatest rock bands of our time, A.I. will likely have come even further, giving audiences a one-of-a-kind posthumous tour.