The North And South Poles Just Set Unbelievable Temperature Records

The North Pole and the South Pole set temperature records this week and this could have a major effect on our world as a whole

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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While we head into spring here in the Northern Hemisphere, folks are looking forward to those warmer days, a chance to get outside and enjoy some more temperate and mild weather. It’s one of the reasons we are okay waiting out winter, the promise of some spring and summer sunshine. Well at the North Pole and the South Pole, we don’t exactly want it warming up anytime soon, or at least not on the same timeline. That could be bad news. But it was the case this week with some unprecedented weather and temperature changes happening there which has caused some foreboding among those who study this kind of thing. 

Apparently, over the last week or so the North Pole and the South Pole have experienced record-high temperature increases which have scientists scratching their collective heads just a bit. For starters these are literally on the polar opposite sides of the globe, so temperature changes happening to both is a bit odd. And then there is the actual change itself which could be no good. 

As originally reported by The Washington Post (via Futurism), temperatures in the South Pole, in the eastern section of Antarctica rose in the range of 50 to 90 degrees more than normal. From scientists who study this kind of thing, this spike in temperature is completely unprecedented and hasn’t been observed for the decades this has been tracked. Stefano Di Battista, a scientist who studies this kind of thing was alarmed with the change, essentially saying that collective wisdom around the North Pole and South Pole temperatures had now been rewritten. We could be entering a stage of unknown outcomes when it comes to these areas. Check it out:

That’s because in the North Pole things were heating up as well. During roughly the same time period, temperatures there were up 50 degrees in spots which followed a bomb cyclone in the region. This rise in temps was going to bring that region closer to the freezing point, or melting point if you are a glass half empty kind of thinker. This change also has scientists concerned seeing as how the melting off of the North Pole could bring about severe and maybe catastrophic changes to the world as a whole. 

The unsettling part of this also has to do with the time of year in the North Pole which is still sitting in its winter period. Sure, warming can happen in these regions, but it doesn’t typically happen now. This is another piece that has the experts wringing their collective hands just a bit. According to studies, the Arctic or the North Pole is warming three times faster than the rest of the planet on average. And this has scientists a bit stumped. It follows a trend of warming over the last two decades. 

In all, this rapid warming of the North Pole and the South Pole at the same time could have larger implications for our world. We want those places to stay how they’ve always been: cold. But that hasn’t been the case over recent years, leaving climate scientists more than a little concerned about the long-term trending and what it could mean if we continue to see it happening. 

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