This Avatar Themed Nightclub Offers You The Chance To Grind Up On A Na’vi

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

This definitely tops today’s WTF list. There’s a new place in town—assuming of course that you live in Rivonia, South Africa—for you to dance away your evenings in the creepiest possible atmosphere. Avastar, a nightclub based entirely on James Cameron’s Avatar, is now open, and if you want hit on some blue women, this is the place for you.

Club owner Mike Basson will give you a guided tour of what is sure to be the new mecca for South African nightlife. Remember, though, if you approach one of his ladies, be a gentleman, bring a drink. You should probably heed his advice, this dude is scary as shit. I’d bet money he knows where some bodies are buried.

Avastar has flamethrowers, volcanoes that belch fire, and what appear to be black velvet paintings of naked female Na’vi. This club looks like the sleaziest bar from the 1970s made sweet, sweet love to Avatar, and this mutant baby is the result of that illicit affair.

If you want to see what Avastar looks like in full swing, here’s another video. This one is from the opening night party, which was apparently hosted by none other than David Hassellhoff, though the Night Rider star is nowhere to be seen. What you can experience, however, is some terrible throbbing music, awkward dancing, an overabundance of flashing lights to burn your retinas, and some pseudo erotic line dancing.

Avastar is definitely a sight to behold. It is difficult to tell if you want to actually experience the Vegas-style absurdity in person or not (not that many of us can drop everything and head to South Africa). Can it really live up to the ridiculous heights of your imagination? Probably not, but you can sleep a little easier just knowing that Avastar exists, and that someone, somewhere, is dancing the night away in front of a day glo, light up bar.