Tears Of The Kingdom Players Are Killing Ganon In Hilarious Ways

By Jason Collins | Updated

Ganon in Tears of the Kingdom

The unparalleled levels of creativity that the new Tears of the Kingdom grants to its players is probably one of the game’s biggest selling points, and so far, the list of incredible stuff you can do in the game only keeps growing thanks to player ingenuity. The creative freedoms, however, go so far that the gamers find even more hilarious ways to defeat the game’s antagonist, Ganondorf.

Tears of the Kingdom players use the game’s crafty mechanics to trap Ganon and beat the main boss in silly ways.

In the Tweet above, one user turned Ganon into a vendor at a fruit stand.

According to Kotaku, the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players are now giving the game’s antagonist what he deserves by trapping him in humiliating custom prisons the players have built for the encounter, thanks to the game’s crafting mechanics.

So, instead of an intense showdown between Link and the Demon King, one player, in particular, has created a maze around Ganondorf as means of imprisoning him since the bosses’ AI isn’t really able to navigate tight spaces and can’t find its way out of the maze.

Other, more mischievous players constricted the villains’ movement and built butt-slapping machines with the intent to slap his behind to death.

After the word had spread out, other Tears of the Kingdom gamers took it upon themselves to do the same and even up the ante. Many are now constructing restrictive mazes, thus forcing Ganon to walk in circles or build a space so constricting that the boss just freezes in place.

Some are even placing apples on his head and shooting them down with bows and arrows. Other, more mischievous players constricted the villains’ movement and built butt-slapping machines with the intent to slap his behind to death. Got to wonder who the real villain is.

To be entirely honest, this is a nice turn of events, despite the aforementioned cruelties, like slapping the villains’ gluteus maximus until defeat, since players mostly used those torture devices on Hyrule’s unsuspecting NPCs. Most notable of these tortures fell on the Koroks, with players crucifying them as revenge for the infamous Korok Seed quest from Tears of the Kingdom’s prequel game, Breath of the Wild.

Not to mention the Chuchu-powered vehicle constructed by the players, which admittedly isn’t the most ethical mode of transportation.

Will Nintendo Take Action?

The most ironic thing of all is that Nintendo prides itself on being a family-friendly platform, going even so far as to regularly update its “bad-word” list for the Nintendo Switch platform.

However, stopping players from being creative and defeating Ganon through their self-devised means IN Tears of the Kingdom would defeat the whole point of the new craft system, which is why Nintendo most likely won’t do anything to allow Ganon to overcome mere obstacles that shouldn’t be able to hold the Demon King.

Ultimately, Tears of the Kingdom features a typical “good vs. evil” narrative, and with the fate of Hyrule in Link’s hand, the silent protagonist has to use all the abilities and weaponry he has at his disposal to navigate the Kingdom and defeat its foes. That’s precisely the reason why Nintendo added the Ultrahand feature, to allow players to construct virtually anything, including tight enclosures that break the AI and BDSM machines that would slap Ganon’s butt until his health bar reaches 0.