Star Trek: Infinite Is The Game Fans Have Wanted For Decades

Star Trek: Infinite is shaping up to be a grand strategy game reminiscent of Stellaris.

By Jason Collins | Published

star trek infinite

Paradox Interactive has finally revealed more details regarding a Star Trek game the fandom has wanted for decades—A Grand Strategy Star Trek game titled Star Trek: Infinite. The game was initially teased during the Summer Games Festival a few days back, but the new reveal video provides a full-on look at the game.

According to the Star Trek: Infinite official website, which features plenty of details about the upcoming game, the immersive space strategy game sets players on an epic journey of exploring the final frontier and making complex choices within your faction and how it interacts with others.

So, it comes down to the players to shape the destiny of their own galactic empire or organization—including the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, and the Cardassian Union.

The gameplay system is similar to Stellaris, but not enough to call the game a full-on rip-off—not that the Star Trek: Infinite and Stellaris fans would care. Players choose one of the four aforementioned factions, board the respective science vessel, and set off to explore new star systems and make new friends/enemies.

Anyone who has ever played a Grand Strategy before, such as Crusader Kings 3, would advise the construction of new starships to increase the faction’s military power because some other factions within the universe might not take the expansion too kindly.

Other Star Trek: Infinite game systems also include mission trees which are unique to each playable faction; one of the missions associated with the Federation is to build the Enterprise, while others might have something equivalent to fulfill.

Of course, the missions would depend on each of the factions’ respective traits, stories, and quests. Other factions, such as the Bajoran Republic or the Bolian Democracy, are involved in gameplay as well, though these are more akin to modifiers; they’re nonplayable but will play a massive role in the story.

star trek infinite
Choosing factions in Star Trek: Infinite

One thing we’d like to see in Star Trek: Infinite would be long-term choice-based progression. For example, it would be nice to see whether the Federation could become the Terran Empire given enough time and a number of aggressive, authoritarian choices.

Players would appreciate if playable factions were given wider choices instead of those established in the canon; for example, we’d like to see the Klingons become a beacon of hope that forms good alliances and relations with those opposing the aforementioned Terran Empire.

War is hardly avoidable in Grand Strategy games, and only if the players are highly proficient at a particular game. So, it’s safe to assume that interstellar conflict is something we’ll see plenty of. Star Trek: Infinite is on a trajectory course to become an absolute hit among strategy enthusiasts.

The Stellaris continues to be a massive success, and the in-house formula is likely to propel Star Trek: Infinite to massive heights. Unfortunately, the game still doesn’t have a release date; the official website states “Coming Soon,” but your can wishlist the game on Steam and get the most current updates about the title as they become available.