Popular Streamer Offers Massive Payday For Nearly Impossible Halo Challenge

Sure, you can play Halo on Hard mode, but if you can do it while meeting this particular challenge, you could get a big payday.

By Jason Collins | Published

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Playing games on Hard difficulty modes isn’t easy (naturally), and playing on Hard difficulty modes without dying seems nearly impossible. Yet, people are doing it. Unfortunately, these types of challenges take too long to complete, which makes them inadequate for professional esports. However, that doesn’t mean that completing them goes unrewarded. Most recently, a HALO player offered a $20,000 prize to the first player that completes the game on the Legendary difficulty setting without dying once.

According to IGN, a Halo-playing content creator, Charlie “Cr1tikal” White, is challenging the Halo community to complete the game on LASO difficulty mode, which is actually an acronym standing for Legendary All Skulls On — which is actually the game’s Legendary difficult, with all gameplay modifying Skulls turned on. However, this doesn’t pertain to just any Halo game; Cr1tikal is offering a $20,000 prize to the first player to finish Halo 2 Anniversary LASO run without dying one during their run.

To be entirely honest, this doesn’t sound like much of a challenge to experienced gamers and speed-runners, especially when we take into account that people are completing Elden Ring — one of the more unforgiving gaming titles — without being hit once. But people forget that Halo isn’t just any game in the first-person shooter genre. When the original Halo: Combat Evolved was released in 2001, its gameplay was so revolutionary that it forever changed the first-person shooter genre, and its influence is present in some of the best, up-to-date gaming titles even two decades later.

Given the success of the first game, Bungie and Microsoft Game Studios had to up the ante on the sequel, resulting in Halo 2, a game widely recognized as the most difficult Legendary campaign in the entire franchise. So much so that apparently, even $20,000 doesn’t seem like enough, considering that no one came after the prize. That really speaks volumes about the entire game and its Legendary mode.

Cr1tikal initially announced the challenge a few weeks ago, offering a $5,000 prize for the first gamer to complete his Halo challenge. As the challenge remained unanswered, the YouTuber/gamer decided to quadruple the prize in an attempt to entice fearless Halo gamers to take up the challenge. This would’ve been a competition and the affirmation of the Cr1tikal’s prowess as a Halo gamer, but he disclosed that he tried the challenge himself and was unable to complete the first mission before giving up.

As per his own words, a similar Halo challenge was previously completed, but only once, and the player who completed it had the Envy skull turned on, which allowed Master Chief to turn invisible. Wanting to up the challenge further, Cr1tikal requires players to give up the only advantage they might have against in-game opponents, thus significantly decreasing their chances of survival. And if you take into account that the previous challenge was completed only once, turning invisible isn’t much of an advantage.

Other Skull effects dramatically change the Halo gameplay, turning the tides against the player. Turning them on increases enemy aggression, makes them permanently cloaked, and eliminates the ability for Master Chief’s shield to recharge at a normal rate. So, it’s actually quite possible that no one ever will complete Cr1tikal’s Halo challenge. What do you say about that, From Software?