Pokemon Unite Unveils Its New Pokemon

Pokemon UNITE, a spin-off Pokemon free-to-start multiplayer online battle arena for Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS, has revealed its next playable Pokemon.

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


Pokemon UNITE, a spin-off Pokemon free-to-start multiplayer online battle arena for Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS, has revealed its next playable Pokemon — Tsareena. By the looks of things, Tsareena appears to be an Attacker, best known for its variety of brutal kicks with her stalk-like legs, and for once, the role will suit the Pokemon. Admittedly, not the best-known Pokemon from the franchises 900-strong roster, but a perfect addition to Pokemon UNITE, a game that is supposed to highlight less known characters anyway.

You can see Tsareena’s reveal in the Tweet below:

As reported by Comic Book, Tsareena will be coming to the game on December 9, as a part of a new limited-time campaign in which players earn Tsareena’s Unite License by simply logging in to the game over the course of a couple of days. It’s worth noting that her addition is the second one in recent years, following the release of Dedidueye — yet another Gen 6 Grass-type Pokemon. However, unlike the previously released character, a Ranged Attacker type, Tsareena is definitely more suitable for close-up melee combat.

The fact that the developers of Pokemon UNITE are giving this fantastic character for free indicates that she’s among the easy-to-play types. Regardless, the same developers also did a fantastic job of keeping the game well-balanced, especially with crowd-pleasers such as Pikachu, but there are also some less-known Pokemon who are getting their spotlight thanks to the game. And considering that Tsareena has a small but incredibly dedicated fan base, it was about time she got more exposure, which could lead to the expansion of her fan base but also lead to increased sales within the Pokemon UNITE.

With everything said, Tsareena’s addition to the game won’t fix its biggest issues, like having too many Attacker-type Pokemon, especially considering that some of them aren’t actually Attacker-type in the game’s lore — which is exceptionally vast. Instead, her appearance might make things worse for a small fraction of the fandom, that’s already questioning the game’s worth in terms of time, money, and playability. In the end, Pokemon UNITE is a relatively simple MOBA that features 5v5 combat, in which players control their respective characters and level them up by defeating wild characters and opponents.

Besides battling others, players also collect Aeos Energy from untamed Pokemon and score goals to their opponent’s side. Given its relatively simple approach, Pokemon UNITE lacks several features found in traditional games from the franchise, such as type advantages, which could diversify the gameplay beyond just adding more Pokemon to its roster. Regardless, it’s a fun-to-play mixture of MOBA elements and gameplay and classic Pokemon.

It’s worth noting that the game is free-to-play, but players still have to purchase Unite Licenses for any Pokemon they wish to use in matches. These Licenses can be bought by using an in-game currency earned from winning matches, Aeos Coins, or by using a premium currency purchased with real money, which could potentially give you an unfair advantage over your free-to-play colleagues.