Pokemon Releases Team Rocket Fashion Line

The Team Rocket collection is now available to shop at the Pokemon store.

By Jason Collins | Updated

Apart from helping solve crimes, Pokemon have apparently entered the fashion industry, with Pokemon Center releasing a line of apparel modeled after the infamous villains of Team Rocket. This fashion-forward collection is currently available on The Pokemon Company’s Pokemon Center website.

According to Kotaku, Team Rocket gave up on Pokemon trafficking and turned to fashion by releasing a new line of clothes and accessories. Unfortunately, the collection is comprised of streetwear, so you won’t aby able to cosplay as either Jessie or James.

But it’s still a relatively fashionable collection that allows fans to represent their allegiances—if they’re willing to drop nearly a hundred or hundreds of dollars for some of these clothing items. Yes, the prices are skyrocketing, which is to be expected of the brand.

The Team Rocket apparel line features relaxed fits, unisex silhouettes, and utilitarian details. Each piece is crafted using luxurious fabrics, with unique trims, graphic applications, and product details. Of course, all feature the iconic red “R” symbol, which obviously stands for “Rocket,” and thus offer Poke Trainers a chance to elevate their clothes game or their Pokemon collection.

But that isn’t all; eligible orders can receive an official Team Rocket 20-ounce mug—though the mugs come in limited supply, and those interested in something extra should place their orders as soon as possible.

The Pokemon Team Rocket collection

Besides the aforementioned, the Team Rocket collection includes crop hoodies, fleece shorts, and relaxed-fit joggers, among other things, like the Black Anorak Jacket, whose design collapses into itself for easier storage.

As for the prices, well, they’re pretty steep. Some fans commented that Team Rocket is either hurting financially and trying to recuperate through sales, or they themselves came up with the “competitive” prices. We’ll admit, $80 for a fleece shirt is a bit steep, especially considering that everything else on the Pokemon Center website is nearly 50 percent cheaper.

So, it’s safe to say that not all fans are thrilled with the Team Rocket apparel from the pricing standpoint—some things are obviously overpriced. And yet, there are those who actually like the new collection, which, in our modest opinion, doesn’t look too bad.

The only exceptions are the red hat with the red “R” logo and a plain white t-shirt with an oversized red “R”—both of which obviously spell a fashion disaster. This is quite odd, considering how Jessie and James were always dressed so nicely in the Pokemon anime.

Team Rocket is the villainous team in the Pokemon franchise, which focuses on the pursuit of evil and the exploitation of Pokemon. Though it had many different members, the ones fans fondly remember are the Team Rocket Trio consisting of Jessie, James, and Meowth.

They first appeared in episode two of the Pokemon anime, in which they unsuccessfully attempted to capture Ash’s Pikachu. Their incompetence usually makes them incapable of helping the Team Rocket organization with their significant plans.

Interestingly enough, the members of Team Rocket Trio, Jessie, and James, have been shown in the manga’s epilogue, with pregnant Jessie and supportive James lovingly embracing one another. And here we are, thinking that they only wanted to capture Pikachu.