Pokemon Go Shakes Up The Game With Controversial Change

Why does it have to change?

By Douglas Helm | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Pokemon Go was one of the biggest mobile games when it first hit app stores in 2016. Though the hugely popular game may not have as many users as it once did, it’s still going plenty strong nearly six years later. The game pulls in billions in revenue every year and keeps millions of users around the world engaged every month. Developer Niantic continues to release events to keep users happy and playing, one of which is the monthly Community Day. However, it looks like they’ll be shaking things up slightly for the April Community Day, and it might be a decision that stirs up some controversy for fans.

The Pokemon Go April Community Day is set to be held on April 23, though it looks like Niantic is making it more like a Community Three Hours. They recently announced that the Community Day event would only last from 2 pm to 5 pm, giving players only a few hours to take advantage of the event. The event will be introducing two Pokemon that haven’t been available yet on Pokemon Go, the pink panda-inspired Stufful and its evolution Bewear. Though players won’t have as much time to reap the benefits of Community Day, Niantic has promised to give players more opportunities to rack up bonuses during the event. These bonuses will include a 3x Catch XP bonus, a 2x Catch candy bonus, a lower Stardust cost for trades, and a “Special Trade” option that will only ve available during the event. There’s also the opportunity to get a 4x Catch XP bonus if players catch enough Pokemon with a single lure next to a lured PokeStop.

In addition to the cavalcade of bonuses, Niantic will make the shiny version of Stufful more common during the event and Bewear will be able to learn the move Drain Punch. Though fans may be disappointed with the shortened time frame of the Pokemon Go event, at least it seems like Niantic is trying to make up for it. According to Niantic, they decided to shorten the time frame to get more members of the Pokemon Go community out at the same time, fostering the community and connection aspect of the game. They also mentioned that their January event that had the same three-hour format was met with positive reception from most of the community.

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If you’re a fan of Pokemon Go, it seems like overall this event will be a fun and fruitful endeavor for you. If you haven’t played Pokemon Go before, you can always join in on the fun by downloading the app on your phone. The game uses AR to make it appear that Pokemon are out in the real world. As you explore the streets, parks, and areas around you, you’ll come across Pokemon that you can catch and add to your collection. There are also Gyms that you can take over or you can defend a Gym if you do take it over. You can also trade with friends and go out and catch Pokemon with them.