Metal Gear Solid Remake Confirmed By Series Star?

A Metal Gear Solid remake may be on the way for PlayStation fans.

By Jason Collins | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

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According to rumors, the Metal Gear franchise, which pioneered the stealth game genre, might have one of its entries remade. Adding fuel to the fire, Solid Snake’s voice actor David Hayter weighs in on the rumors surrounding the possible remake of the Metal Gear Solid video game, suggesting that the remake might be in its development stage.

The article published by GamesRadar+ covers a YouTube Interview between a YouTuber Dan Allen, and Solid Snake’s voice actor David Hayter, which describes the actor’s take on the rumors and his possible involvement in the matter. Around the 44:30 mark, the interviewer asked Hayton whether he believes the rumors and is a potential Metal Gear Solid Remake in development. In his response, the actor confessed to previously thinking those are just rumors until he received a text earlier this month from one of the industry’s insiders, which said that the remake might be happening.

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Hayton didn’t name any of his sources, but he did explain that the information came from an industry source, which makes it a little more credible. He then added that if Konami were to remake the original Metal Gear Solid, they would likely have to re-record Snake’s voice. Admittedly, the original recordings are ages old, and the original PlayStation’s audio hardware wasn’t nearly as good as today’s consoles’. On top of that, the original audio wasn’t even recorded in a studio, but according to the actor, it was recorded in someone’s living room — good old PlayStation days.

Konami could potentially use the recordings from The Twin Snakes (Game Cube Remake) if they’re ever to make another remake, but even those wouldn’t match well due to hardware differences. With that said, the rumors of Metal Gear Solid remake for PlayStation 5 have been around for quite some time now, right after the word of the Silent Hill remake spread out. Unfortunately, neither Konami nor Hideo Kojima, the series developer, made any official announcements or confirmations at the time of writing.

According to initial rumors, the original game would be a complete remake, instead of a remaster, and would release exclusively to the PS5 console and PC. However, given the new shift regarding Sony’s exclusives, if the game ever releases, it might be on multiple console platforms. However, those are simply speculations, and at the time of writing, this information isn’t verified, so take it with a grain of salt.

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The Metal Gear Solid is the third installment in the Metal Gear franchise, released in 1998 for the original PlayStation. It was well-received both critically and commercially, selling over 6 million copies worldwide as the eighth best-selling game on the PlayStation. The game’s ongoing popularity spun off an upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie and perhaps even an animated series. The franchise’s die-hard fans would undoubtedly love to see the Snake’s remade adventures, but rumors remain rumors.

Konami announced their participation in the E3 2021, which is likely to stream online, given the current worldwide pandemic. The E3 Expo will take place between June 12 and June 15, and hopefully, Konami will shed some light on the rumors surrounding the Metal Gear Solid remake.