Massive Fortnite Leak Reveals Upcoming Movie And TV Tie-Ins

A leak has revealed a lot of fun things to come for Fortnite.

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


Fortnite is undoubtedly the king of franchise crossovers, and fans of this shoot em’ up/build em’ up franchise have enjoyed everything season seven has to offer, and it’s offered plenty, but fans are beginning to wonder about what will happen on season eight when it launches. Luckily, a reputable leaker just shared some vital information on Reddit, offering some insight into the upcoming season and the plethora of new content it brings.

According to a post shared by a Reddit user, SmugMrMeme, on the r/FortniteLeaks Reddit page, the upcoming season brings plenty of movie and TV tie-ins and plenty of new, exciting features. SmugMrMeme revealed that he, and other moderators of the page, have been talking to a reliable Fortnite leaker about the upcoming season eight, whose launch is signaled by the conclusion of the current Battle Pass. It’s worth noting that the aforementioned leaker has an impeccable track record, according to SmugMrMeme, as he previously revealed accurate information in extensive details.

The first bit of information shared was Ariana Grande’s upcoming in-game concert, which already had a test launch done by staff at Epic Games. Certain members of the Justice League and Suicide Squad are also making an appearance, and though the source couldn’t list specific names, he stated that they’re being cleared by Epic Games’ legal department, which is also pursuing a lawsuit against Apple.  The appearance of Batman Who Laughs, an iconic comic-book hybrid of Batman and Joker, still remains shrouded in mystery, by SmugMrMeme’s source didn’t rule it out.

fortnite superman

Fortnite previously added other DC characters, like season seven’s Superman skin, but didn’t limit itself to comic book characters alone – it also added Resident Evil’s antagonist Lady Dimitrescu. Now it’s time for television heroes to appear, and fans of the Naruto series should be excited since Epic is trying to get Naruto Uzumaki for Season 8 Battle Pass.

The iconic CUBE, referred to as the Six-Sided Mystery or Kevin the Cube, will return at the end of season seven, controlled by the unknown Queen character that will play a crucial role in Chapter 3 of the game. And while it’s still unclear when the next chapter releases, it’ll certainly redesign the entirety of the Fortnite map while also revealing the location of The Seven – a mysterious interdimensional group in Battle Royale. It might even reveal the three so-far-unseen members of the group, though SmugMrMeme’s source did not confirm this.

With everything said, Fortnite fans will have to wait a few more weeks before they can clash their favorite movie and TV heroes, or superheroes, in Battle Royale. Season seven is currently in its seventh week, with the current Battle Pass ending on September 12th. Given the game’s history, a new season usually goes live in a few hours after the previous Battle Pass ends, so it’s likely that Fortnite Season 8 starts on September 13th. However, despite the cited source’s supposedly impeccable track record, we advise our readership to take this information with a grain of salt. As SmugMrMeme said in his own post, everything is still in development and is hence subject to change.