Elephant Mario Is Taking the Internet by Storm

The upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder game will feature a playable Elephant Mario.

By Jason Collins | Updated

Nintendo’s most recent Direct stream revealed plenty of new stuff the console maker has in store for its fans, but some of the most interesting announcements were tied to its flagship franchise, Super Mario. Not only do we get whole new awesome games featuring Luigi and Princess Peach as protagonists, but we also get a glimpse of Super Mario Bros. Wonder and the Elephant Mario form, which took the Internet by Storm.

According to Kotaku, the internet has finally agreed to one thing: Mario’s new elephants form, called Elephant Mario, is quite interesting and super cute—with the potential for being a nightmare fuel. The new form distinguishes itself from Mario’s previous animal imitations.

Unlike the Tanooki or Cat Suits we previously saw, which only implied a change of clothes, the new transformation actually affects Mario’s physical form. Of course, the red shirt, the blue overalls, and a cap remained intact, but it would seem that he expanded a bit in the waist area.

So, the Elephant Mario is still recognizably Mario. As seen in the trailer, the latest 2D game in the Mario franchise features new gameplay mechanics and new consumable flowers, the most notable of which is the Wonder Flower, which brings blocks and pipes to life.

But there’s also a new tomato-looking power-up that resembles an elephant face, and upon eating it, Mario turns into a red-shirted cap-wearing Elephant Mario—the first new form since the Cat Mario in Super Mario 3D World.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Admittedly, while the new Elephant Mario isn’t something to be feared, the new forms are likly going to be pushed to their limits by the internet—especially communities such as Reddit and 4chan. And we’re not even discussing the possibilities of another new form, called Long Mario, to be turned into something horrific, such as the Slender Man.

One should never underestimate the power of the internet to turn traditionally child-friendly imagery into pure nightmare fuel to plague the depths of people’s just for laughs. Winnie the Pooh won’t be the same, ever.

With all of that said, the internet has gone crazy about Elephant Mario, with the franchise’s fandom expressing their love for the newest iteration of the character Nintendo has cobbled up for its upcoming release. However, those who want to play as Elephant Mario will have to wait until Super Mario Bros Wonder releases on October 20.

But that isn’t the only Mario game Nintendo has presented during its Direct Presentation. As stated above, the Italian plumber-loving audience is also receiving two additional games.

One of them is the untitled Princess Peach game starring the eponymous heroine in her own gaming release—which luckily differs significantly from the previous game starring the princess with heart-shaped bangs.

Another one is the remaster of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon game. All aforementioned releases, including the game with Elephant Mario, are scheduled to release on Nintendo Switch. Super Mario Bros Wonder’s release date is scheduled for October 20, while Princess Peach is most likely to drop sometime next year. The same applies to Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.