Elden Ring Finally Adds A Feature Fans Have Been Begging For

FromSoftware is doing everything they can to ensure that players are happy and will continue to play Elden Ring, by adding a feature fan desperately wanted.

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Elden Ring has been one of the best surprises of 2022 so far. The game is currently smashing through records and has become one of the strongest contenders for Game of the Year already. FromSoftware has certainly created a game that can likely turn into even more of a masterpiece with time. With this being the first that a FromSoftware game has gone into the open-world format, there were bound to be some issues. Not game-breaking issues, but just some suggestions and deep wants from the fan base. One of those was the inclusion of quests. Most of the FromSoftware games drop you into action without any idea of what to do or where to go. Now tracking your adventure is easier than ever in the 1.03 patch update.

FromSoftware is certainly listening to the fan base on adding quests and a way to track NPCs in the game. The normal thing is to let players figure everything out, but it can be quite jarring in most of their titles. With Elden Ring being a wide-open map, everyone can get turned around quite easily. It was also hard to attempt to track down the NPC that you had initially spoken to when you run off to complete any one of the myriads of side quests you find. Well, on top of the quest feature added, players can now add markers to NPCs when they first meet them. While the traditional FromSoftware fans might find these new elements as a bit of “hand-holding” it appears as if Elden Ring is turning into one of the more accessible entries in the entire anthology of souls games. This could be a huge reason why the game has already launched way past selling 12 million copies, which is a huge achievement.

elden ring

The new 1.03 patch has also added a new NPC named Jar-Bairn. Where this new NPC is or what their function in the game is will be entirely left up to players to discover. However, what we can reveal is that new questlines have been added to Diallos, Nepheli Loux, Kenneth Haight, and Gatekeeper Gostoc. The new patch has also implemented that new NPCs can be summoned in multiple situations. Whatever that means, it is sure to be another mystery to solve in Elden Ring. Sadly, one of the drawbacks is that the powerful Mimic Tear ash has been nerfed. A lot of the magic used in the game is said to be too strong, so expect more of the same to happen in future patches. Speedrunners of the game have allegedly been nerfed as well, as many exploits they used to their advantage have now been dealt with in the bug fixes.

Elden Ring is currently the most talked-about video game and will remain in that same space if FromSoftware continues to listen to its fanbase and adjust the game accordingly. New and old fans are being brought together to enjoy the most ambitious entry into the souls-like world. Clearly, that ambition has paid off in a big way. The new patch has also rolled out a ton of performance fixes for the PC players. Bottom line is that FromSoftware is aiming to keep this game going for the long run.