Elden Ring Just Offered A Mod For People Who Hate Hogwarts Legacy

A modding community has created an amazing new mod that lets Elden Ring players use Hogwarts Legacy elements in the FromSoftware game, such as flying broomsticks and Harry Potter franchise spells.

By Jason Collins | Updated

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Many have taken a moral stand and denied themselves the pleasure of playing Hogwarts Legacy due to the IP’s association with JK Rowling—who has been branded as a transphobe by trans activist communities. Others have indulged in what shapes to be the next game of the year—judging by its trajectory—stating that the inclusion of a transgender NPC somewhat remedies the situation. Garden of Eyes, a gaming modding community, decided to take the middle ground by bringing Hogwarts Legacy to FromSoftware’s Game of the Year in a new amazing mod.

According to Kotaku, Garden of Eyes is known for its impressive Elden Ring mods, which brought a range of new, unofficial content to the game. Most recent additions include weapons from the Game of the Year runner-up, a few new spells for in-game magic casters, alternative gameplay mechanics, etc. But the most recent mod is inspired by the recently released Hogwarts Legacy, bringing many goodies such as Confringo and Avada Kedavra spells and broomstick flight to one of the best games the gaming community has received in the last decade.

The new Elden Ring mod includes spells, skins, and wands seen in Hogwarts Legacy, and it allows gamers to replace Torrent—Elden Ring’s Spirit Steed—with a flying broomstick. However, we’re not discussing a simple re-skin that would make the horse look like a flying broomstick. We’re actually discussing altered gameplay mechanics that allow players to fly on the broomstick, which implies ascending, descending, and flight boosts.

Hogwarts Legacy transgender

But the Elden Ring mod doesn’t stop there either; it’s a true love letter to Hogwarts Legacy, aimed at those who refuse to play the game.

The modders have injected Elden Ring with the Hogwarts Legacy combat system, let it gestate and mutate, only to tweak it and gain something unique. The newly emerged combat system now allows players to cast a myriad of weak magic missiles, as well as some of the most notable spells from the Harry Potter franchise. The good news is that the mod doesn’t take anything out.

Instead of renaming and re-animating existing spells present in Elden Ring, Garden of Eyes introduced Harry Potter spells and left the Elden Ring spells intact and fully castable.

As things currently are, the Hogwarts Legacy mod for Elden Ring features seven spells, including three Unforgivable Curses, one flying broomstick, the Elder Wand, and a Harry Potter skin. The modding collective stated that the mod could be expanded by implementing additional spells, character skins, and brooms, depending on the fandom’s feedback. Hogwarts Legacy is the biggest release of 2023 so far, so it’s completely understandable as to why the collective would choose to create a Harry Potter mod for Elden Ring.

Despite the fact that it’s neck-deep in controversies and banned from gaming events, Hogwarts Legacy is the top-selling physical game in the UK, beating the likes of the highly anticipated Dead Space Remake and God of War Ragnarok. In fact, the game sold 80% more physically copied than Elden Ring did during its first week of sales, making Hogwarts Legacy a contender for the next GOTY awards.

Whether or not Hogwarts Legacy receives a nomination is now a matter of politics rather than quality, which bears heavily on the hearts of those who just want to play games and remain uninterested in squabbles of social justice warriors.