Elden Ring Players Are Facing Major Gameplay Issues

While Elden Ring is enjoying a host of perfect reviews from publishers, PC players have been reporting a bunch of performance issues for the game.

By James Brizuela | Published

elden ring

The long-awaited next From Software title has officially launched. Elden Ring has been released and fans around the world are praising the first-ever From Software open-world adventure. The newest adventure has even been designated as one of the best games ever made, and the perfect reviews came roaring in throughout the past few days. However, something is amiss in the game’s capabilities. While it seemingly plays just fine on consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, things are not the same in the PC gaming world. PC players have been reporting massive frame rate drops, stutters, crashes, and an unloading anti-cheat program. Not a good start for the game.

From Software is certainly not one to release dodgy work, and the same can also be said for publisher Bandai Namco, so Elden Ring facing issues is likely their number one priority. The game developer released a blog post to address concerns for the game community, especially those who happen to be playing on PC. The blog indicated that a patch is on the way which will fix, “framerate issues, mouse sensitivity, and the anti-cheat program not loading.” While it is great to know that they are certainly on top of their game in terms of fixing issues, having a rough launch is never ok. Most companies are likely basing their need to fix issues as soon as possible, due to the massive issues that CD Projket Red went through with Cyberpunk 2077.

elden ring

Even though a day-one patch had come out for Elden Ring, which is standard for most titles these days, frame rate issues have been felt across the board on every platform. Even with the game in, “performance mode,” on PS5, it still has trouble maintaining a steady 60 fps (frames per second). While the standard for consoles hovers between 30 and 60 fps, PC is usually higher due to the hardware inside. Having 60 fps on a PC is usually a standard issue, but most gaming PCs can achieve way higher fps levels, given the game can reach those higher levels of frame rates. One of the biggest concerns is the drop of frame rate stability for PC players when their characters are riding through the open-world environment. Players have been reporting a 60 to 40 fps drop, which is certainly not good.

While day-one patches are certainly not uncommon and From Software is staying on top of keeping their fans engaged, Elden Ring is still enjoying some incredible reviews across the board. The game currently has a 97/100 on Metacritic from critic reviews. However, the user rating is around 7.6/10. Those negative reviews on the player side of things could be due to the frame rate issues felt by some players, which could cause a massive amount of people to be angry with the game initially. Then again, those low scores might also be due to those players never playing a From Software game before, and the usual gripe is that these games are far too difficult. We get it. They are. But hold fast people, the updates are on the way.