Microsoft Hints At Finally Revealing A New Fable

Microsoft and Xbox just teased a possible new Fable game is in the works with the franchise's iconic glittering trail.

By Jason Collins | Updated

The Xbox Game Showcase is just around the corner, scheduled for June 11, and we were a bit worried about whether Microsoft and Xbox would be sharing some first-party titles. The hype around the long-anticipated Starfield has passed due to all the delays associated with the title, Redfall released, spoiling vampires for the masses worse than Twilight did, and Halo is still in its previous state. However, Xbox just dropped a teaser for the new Fable game—and we were all surprised.

Microsoft first dropped a Fable teaser on Xbox’s official Twitter account, with a short video showing someone’s Xbox controller covered in glitter. The glitter then forms a trail that leads up to the screen with a caption saying that it “seems important.” This doesn’t mean much to those who haven’t played an entry in the Fable franchise, but those that did know that the glittery trail often leads to something important within the game. All of this implies that the Xbox is either rebooting the franchise or making a new entry.

Fable is one of Xbox’s cornerstone franchises and a fan-favorite fantasy RPG. For those unacquainted with the franchise, the glitter trail guided players to their next objectives and destination during missions, which is where the “seems important” caption fits in. And while it did take Microsoft and Xbox more than one whole decade to find their misplaced glitter bag, the teaser implies that Xbox might reveal the game during its next Xbox Game Showcase.

If the teaser is indeed related to Fable, that alone could make Xbox’s Showcase much more interesting than Sony’s recent one.

We’d also like to touch upon that as well since the only exclusive title Sony actually showcased was Spider-Man 2; the rest were third-party titles, most of which, if not all, were multiplatform releases. The company outright refused to discuss any high-profile project and long-term plans for future exclusive content.

So, apart from the exciting gaming content and skepticism-inducing of a handheld PlayStation 5—which is but a glorified and oversized keychain—Sony really didn’t have much to offer. This gives Xbox a chance to shame the competition by showcasing Fable.

To be honest, we’d like to see something more than a mere trailer for Xbox’s Fable game, perhaps a bit of gameplay, at least some gaming concepts, and a real discussion of what the game will actually look like. We wouldn’t say no to a release date either, but those became entirely redundant and were reduced to mere marketing tricks to prolong the hype and game development time. If Microsoft’s truly working on Fable, it’s entirely possible that we’d see the game in 2024 at the earliest, or even early 2025 if we account for at least one seemingly mandatory delay.

Ultimately, though Xbox has plenty of stuff to showcase, the fandom mostly wants to hear about Starfield and the newly teased Fable game. Unfortunately, details surrounding the latter are basically non-existent at this point, but the upcoming Showcase might reveal more.