Disney Mirrorverse Trailer Reveals The Best Disney Characters In Edgy New Fights

This is Disney like you've never seen it!

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

disney mirrorverse

To say that we haven’t seen a Disney game ever since the House of Mouse closed its first-party game development studio wouldn’t be entirely true. But then again, we only saw a handful of games sporting some Disney characters or centered on Disney-owned franchises, like Avengers or Star Wars. Well, that’s about to change since Disney and Kabam have announced Disney Mirrorverse — an upcoming RPG gaming title containing an expanded roster of Disney classic characters. Check out the trailer below:

According to Collider, Disney and Kabam have revealed more detail about Disney Mirrorverse, their upcoming RPG video game, showcasing a trailer that depicts all-new action and classic Disney characters ready for battle. Disney Mirrorverse is currently open for pre-registration, and it’s expected to drop on both App Store and Google Play on June 23 this year. Judging by the trailer, the upcoming game will be a combat team-based RPG with Disney characters who, admittedly, never looked this good when they first appeared on the screen.

The game itself is separate from the familiar world of Disney canon, but it doesn’t lack any of the crucial elements Disney’s know for. It has both light and dark magical lands and very creative representations of the usual Disney backdrops used in various media. Players can select various Disney and Pixar protagonists and villains, now evolved as battle-ready Disney Mirrorverse Guardians, to form teams and go on a quest to recover the Mirrorverse plagued by Fractured Magic. Those infected by Fractured Magic are attempting to break the Stellar Mirror and harness its power, so it’s up to players to stop them.

So far, we’ve only seen Sulley from Monsters, Inc. and Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent — all of which have been amplified by the magic of the Stellar Mirror in order to evolve them into Guardians. Admittedly, these reimaginations of iconic Disney characters look fantastic. Belle, for example, seems like a powerful staff-wielding sorceress, while Sulley wears metal armor and sports a shield, seemingly acting as a tank. We still don’t know what Maleficent is, but judging by the surrounding green mist, she’s probably a witch/warlock class or a necromancer.

disney mirrorverse

Disney and Kabam promised 40 Guardians would be available to unlock once the Disney Mirrorverse launches, with more of them being released via monthly content releases post-launch. This indicated that Kabam is aiming for a live service game, adding new content on a regular basis to keep the players entertained. However, neither of the companies involved in the game’s development discussed plans for monetization, which will undoubtedly make its way into the game.

In all probability, Disney Mirrorverse is expected to be a free-to-play game filled with in-app purchases, and gameplay mechanics that enable pay-to-win practices. Of course, eliminating such predatory monetization would also make live service unnecessary, but unlike premium games, free-to-play games require a constant influx of new gamers just to stay afloat, let alone turn a profit. But this shouldn’t be worrisome; Disney already figured out plenty of ways to slip its fingers into our pockets, so it’s safe to assume that they’ll monetize the game somehow.