Company Of Heroes 3 On The Way?

Company of Heroes 3 has a release date for February 2023 on PC.

By Jason Collins | Published

Relic Entertainment and Sega recently announced the release of the third installment in the critically acclaimed Company of Heroes real-time strategy games. This is fantastic news for the fans of the franchise since there hasn’t been a new release in one of the best RTS series in nearly a decade. It would seem that Sega has decided to continue the now-defunct THQ’s legacy of high-budget RTS games while it takes some time to sort out issues within its first-party franchises and releases.

However, the news about the upcoming Company of Heroes 3, while exciting, isn’t the best part yet — according to Destructoid, both Relic and Sega are also porting the game for the ninth generation of consoles; the PlayStation 5 and XSX/S. The game is currently scheduled to release on February 23, 2023 for PC, but the release time on consoles remains unknown for the time being. So, it’s entirely possible that the game would release as a PC timed-exclusive before coming to the consoles.

Still, it’s fantastic news that allows console players to join the war effort.

The trailer for the Company of Heroes 3 introduces the infamous German Wehrmacht — one of the game’s four factions available at launch — and its military forces in action. Admittedly, we’ve already seen them in the previous iterations of the game, but the upcoming game will put more emphasis on the faction’s technological advancement. For example, players will be able to allocate their resources to unlocking new units or advancing their armored vehicles.

company of heroes 3
British and American soldiers in the cinematic trailer for Company of Heroes 3

Additionally, the Transfer Orders feature will allow you to upgrade various infantry and demolition squads.

Of course, oldies-but-goldies are still present in the game, and you can still enjoy its classic arsenal featuring the iconic Tiger I and Flak 36, alongside a 20cm Flak and Fallschirmpioneers, which are the two new additions. Sega promised that they’d made the Wehrmacht faction their biggest imaging of the faction so far, so it’ll be interesting to see the development results for the game. The company will also reveal more about the upcoming game through a live stream scheduled for November 24, which is only seven days away from the game’s original release date.

Relic and Sega announced the game last year and scheduled it for a November 17, 2022, release date. Unfortunately, the game was delayed — a prevalent trend in the gaming industry — so that Relic could get additional time to work on the overall improvements, balancing, and fine-tuning so that it could deliver the best possible gaming experience to the Company of Heroes fandom. The game is running using the Essence Engine 5.0, the same one that’s powering the Age of Empires IV — yet another RTS that made its way to the consoles.

As things currently are, there aren’t any listings for the previous-gen consoles, which effectively excludes PlayStation 4 — we’re nearing the 2025 deadline — and Xbox One. The same applies to Nintendo Switch, which is presumably occupied with a rather shoddy launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Still, Company of Heroes 3 releasing on consoles is a massive event, considering that the game was previously, like many RTS releases, a PC exclusive.