Call Of Duty Has A New Feature To Help You Troll Cheaters

A brand new anti-cheat feature has been placed in Call of Duty servers to help those who do not exploit the game, get the upper hand on those annoying cheaters.

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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How and why a person needs feels the need to cheat will always be confusing to me. That has certainly been one of the biggest drawbacks in online multiplayer games, and Call of Duty especially. Hosts of cheaters plague servers across the globe, and Activision has tried its hardest to implement software that can do away with those pesky game exploiters. However, a brand new anti-cheat feature has been placed in Call of Duty to help players who don’t cheat, get the upper hand. A new “Damage Shield” is placed on players which ultimately refutes the damage that a cheating player would cause. You can see an instance of this in the video below:

The example of the bullet shield starts around 1:50 of the video. Essentially, if the servers discover that someone is cheating in real-time, that player will not be allowed to do much damage. You can see this in the video, as players swarm the cheater, and embarrassingly destroy the cheater’s character. This is a fantastic counter-measure to troll those who would dare try and cheat at Call of Duty, which is meant to be fun for all. It has also been stated that the game cannot randomly or accidentally apply a Damage Shield unless a cheater is actually present.

The online gaming community has been rife with cheaters, spanning through games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and League of Legends. The mass amounts of players that continually have some sort of cheating function have caused some of the professional gamers to abandon titles altogether and caused a rift between the PC and console cross-play fans. The presence of cheaters is more prevalent on PC than it is on consoles. One of the best plans to counter the cheaters is to banish all the cheaters to a sort of purgatory that they cannot escape from, as been suggested by League of Legends and Apex Legends developers.

Call of Duty is beginning to put its foot down in terms of banning cheaters across all of their game libraries, instead of on a game-by-game basis. According to a press release, “Going forward, extreme, or repeated violations of the security policy – such as in-game cheating – may result in a permanent suspension of all accounts.” This forever ban could roll over into future releases as well. Something has got to be done, and trolling cheaters is a sure-fire way to frustrate them enough to stop their cheating ways. That’s the hope at least. There is truly no sense in cheating at a game. You just have to “git gud” as the kids say.

Call of Duty is trying their best to keep cheaters out of their beloved games, and sometimes it’s not so easy, as people can just make a brand new account. However, this new Damage Shield function is a hilarious way to put the power in the hands of those who don’t see the value in cheating on a video game. Hopefully, more functions come out in the way of the Damage Shield and we can see cheaters being beaten at their own game, literally.