Alien: Isolation is Totally Free To Download Today

Alien: Isolation is being offered for free download by Epic Games today only.

By Jason Collins | Published

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Epic Games, the developer of the internet’s best-known battle royal Fortnite, continues the trend of weekly gaming giveaways through their online Store. In 2020, Epic would sporadically add a title or two to their free games giveaway, allowing players to expand their gaming library. This week’s giveaway features Alien: Isolation, which is totally free to download today.

The game is free to download today and today only, on Epic Games Store, as part of the developer’s weekly gaming giveaway. You can visit the store and claim your free copy today by registering to Epic Games Store and placing an order. The website will take you through the ordering process, in which you don’t have to leave any credit card or other payment information. The website will simply process your order, issue an e-mail receipt billing you $0.00 for the game you’ve just obtained. Hurry up, the Alien: Isolation sales end tomorrow, April 29, 2021, at 5 PM (according to the Epic Games Store website).


Alien: Isolation is a survival horror video game developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega for PC, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The game is based on the Alien movie franchise and sets its narrative 15 years after the events of the original 1979’s film Alien. The game follows Amanda Ripley, the daughter of the film’s antagonist Ellen Ripley, who investigates her mother’s disappearance. Unlike previous gaming adaptation of the Alien movie franchise, Alien: Isolation emphasizes stealth and survival gameplay, requiring players to outsmart a single Xenomorph.  

The game received positive reviews and criticism for its resemblance to the original film, rather than the movie’s action-oriented sequels and first-person-shooter genre of the rest of the Alien games. Initially, Creative Assembly planned to make Alien: Isolation into a third-person game but later decided on a first-person perspective to create a more immersive and intense experience. And they’ve done it; the game was praised for its lighting and sound, Alien’s artificial intelligence, and its art direction. It won several end-year awards, including the 2015 British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards.

alien isolation

The game’s massive success merited a port to Linux and OS X systems in 2015 and Nintendo Switch in 2019. Unfortunately, due to irreconcilable differences, the design team responsible for Alien: Isolation no longer works at Creative Assembly, reducing the chances of a potential sequel to none. A spin-off sequel titled Alien: Blackout was developed and released for mobile devices in January 2019.

Alien: Isolation is not the first game Epic Games included in their free gaming giveaway, and according to them, it certainly won’t be the last. Before they included Alien: Isolation, the company offered Deponia: The Complete Journey and lines up the Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms for their next week’s free giveaway. Anyone who downloads the game through Epic Games Store between April 29 and May 6 will receive the game’s RenownDLC pack for free. Talk about good marketing.

If you’re interested in downloading and playing Alien: Isolation for free, head over to the Epic Games Store. While you’re there, check out the comprehensive library of free and paid titles Epic Games has to offer.