Zendaya’s Euphoria Just Set The Craziest Record

Zendaya's hit show Euphoria just set the craziest record, a true testament to how popular this series has become in the second season

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


With Euphoria about to wrap up an incredible second season on HBO Max, the show has clearly entered the zeitgeist in terms of relative water cooler talk. Fresh off series star Zendaya and her own meteoric rise in Hollywood through a number of big-budget blockbusters, the series has become the talk of, well, everyone. And that’s being reflected in a new metric that’s also a good litmus test for just how popular a series really is. Sure, we have the all-important ratings which will always rule.

But there are other benchmarks as well and Euphoria just set a new record in one of them. According to Deadline, the series has become the most-tweeted-about show of the decade so far. This is the new water cooler folks, and people are talking *a lot* about the series and Zendaya’s performance. 

Twitter made the announcement that Euphoria had easily become the most-tweeted-about show for this, still young, decade with more than 30 million tweets about the series during the second season of the show. It’s an astounding number with some memes around the show becoming the most popular and shared on the social media platform.

Twitter also broke down which characters, episodes, and hashtags related to the series were the best-performing. In this new age of social media dominance, stats like this can be as important as Nielsen ratings when it comes to capturing pieces of the culture. Zendaya’s Rue Bennett was actually the second-most tweeted about character after Angus Cloud’s Fezco. And the hashtag #FexiHive made the most rounds about Lexi and Fez’s relationship. 

Twitter admitted, in part of their statement about the social media dominance of Zendaya and Euphoria, that a big aspect of the show’s appeal in terms of sharing content was that folks definitely seem to relate and root for specific characters. This has helped in establishing clear lines of fandom even in the series, something that helps when getting tweets to go viral. There seems to be a high level of investment along these lines and the meme game is very strong for the show with the “End Nate Jacobs” one leading the pack. Fans definitely want to see this dude go. 

Zendaya and Euphoria are gearing up for the season finale which is set to air on Sunday, February 27th. The second season, besides just crushing it on Twitter, has been a hit for HBO as well. Variety had reported a few weeks ago that the show’s ratings were up near 100% from the first season, an astounding number all things considered. Some of it is on the back of Zendaya’s rising stardom, having become a central figure in the Spider-Man movies as well as starring in last fall’s Dune. She will have an even bigger role when the sequel eventually hits the big screen. 

In all, it isn’t often that shows are able to capture such a large swath of social media conversation and it often takes a special intersection of story, characters, and intrigue. Zendaya and Euphoria have definitely done it and the season two finale could see it reach even loftier heights.