Zack Snyder Reveals First Look At His Rejected Star Wars Movie Coming To Netflix

Zack Snyder shared the first image for his upcoming science fiction film at Netflix, Rebel Moon, which he originally envisioned as a Star Wars movie. 

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Zack Snyder shared the first piece of concept art for his upcoming science fiction film at Netflix, Rebel Moon, which he originally envisioned as a Star Wars movie. The first concept art image released to the public has definitely embraced some of the foreboding artistic style that later installments in the Star Wars canon have become known for. However, because it is no longer tied to the Lucasfilm and Disney franchise at all, it very much has Zack Snyder’s unique comic-book-style aesthetic thrown in there too. 

The image, which Zack Snyder shared on his account on the social media site Vero, shows armored soldiers with red lighting accents to them walking out of the mist through a collection of tattered pillars with runes etched onto the side. It’s very easy to see where these soldiers were likely once Stormtroopers, but now it seems that the acclaimed director behind Army of the Dead and Justice League is dipping his toe into the world of intergalactic science fiction. See the image below.

The film was previously developed by Zack Snyder roughly ten years ago. The Hollywood Reporter revealed in July that the director originally pitched his movie as an adult-leaning installment in George Lucas’ universe. However, the 2012 acquisition of Lucasfilm by the family-friendly Walt Disney Co. put a nail in the coffin of seeing a Star Wars movie that excludes children from the core audience. Instead, Zack Snyder seems to have altered his original pitch — presumably by doing more than turning the Stormtroopers red and black — in order to make Rebel Moon, which was picked up by Netflix almost immediately. 

Deadline reports that Atomic Blonde actress Sofia Boutella will star as the leader of a peaceful colony located at the edge of the galaxy. When a tyrannical army (definitely not an Empire) called the Regent Balisarius threatens their existence, they’re forced to take a stand. They dispatch a young woman with a mysterious past to find warriors located on nearby planets who they believe can aid them in their fight to take a final stand for their home. The movie will also reunite Zack Snyder with a familiar creative team.

The director will be working with Eric Newman, who originally tasked the director in 2004 with the remake of Dawn of the Dead, one of the few movies in Zack Snyder’s filmography that fans don’t waste a lot of time debating over — it’s pretty good. Scott Stuber oversaw the development of that movie at the time in his role as vice-chairman of Universal. Now, he just so happens to be the head of Netflix Film. 

Rebel Moon is the latest in Zack Snyder’s partnership with Netflix. After the immense success of Army of the Dead on the platform, he was allowed to fast-track his heist-themed prequel Army of Thieves. Zack Snyder’s The Stone Quarry production company now has an official first-look deal with the streaming giant, meaning that if Rebel Moon takes off in popularity, it could be just a springboard to a larger intellectual property that could allow Zack Snyder, a self-proclaimed Star Wars fan, the opportunity to turn his failed attempt to join the franchise into the creator of an equally popular science fiction franchise of his own. 

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