See Zack Snyder’s Green Lantern

We now have a peek at the concept art for Zack Snyder's Green Lantern.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

zack snyder green lantern

Before Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released, we saw clear evidence that Green Lantern should have appeared. By the end of the movie, he was nowhere in sight. What was that about? Well, naturally, it was another story where Warner Bros. wouldn’t let the writer and director follow his vision. While Snyder hadn’t planned for Green Lantern to have a major role, he was supposed to be in that final scene where Batman talks to Martian Manhunter, according to what Zack Snyder told Variety in a recent interview. We were supposed to see the John Stewart Green Lantern. Though, at one point, Snyder had considered bringing Ryan Reynolds in as Hal Jordan. It would have made sense to see Green Lantern in the movie, so it tracks that Snyder would have fought hard for this, though he eventually gave in on this point with the studio.

Still, fans wonder what would have been. Now, production designer and art director Jojo Aguilar has shared the concept art they worked on for a John Stewart Green Lantern in the Snyderverse. See the design for the character below.

Clearly, it would have been amazing to see Zack Snyder’s take on a John Stewart Green Lantern. You’ll notice that the tweet includes the hashtag #RestoreTheSnyderverse, which is a hot topic these days. The studio has made clear that they don’t intend to move forward with more Zack Snyder projects. Fans have made it clear that they want to see more Snyder stories for DC. As much as the studio is saying no, they also weren’t on board with giving fans #TheSnyderCut. Since online campaigning helped lead to the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, it hardly seems like a “No” from the studio today means a “No” from the studio five years from now. It’s impossible to rule anything out at this point.

So, why wouldn’t they let Zack Snyder include Green Lantern in Justice League? Because they said they have plans for the character of their own. Could this be the Green Lantern HBO Max series? Or did the studio mean something else? When Snyder talked to Variety about this, he didn’t clarify what the studio’s plans were. It wasn’t clear if the studio had shared that information with him directly, either. Hopefully, whatever they’re planning, it looks as cool as the concept art for Justice League.

zack snyder's justice league 2

It seems as though the studio stopped Zack Snyder on this before he cast anyone as John Stewart. It would have been interesting to see who he wanted for the part. Lists have sprung up online over the years, including names like Idris Elba, Mahershala Ali, Ricky Whittle, and Michael B. Jordan. The last on that list has been fancast in many superhero productions over the years, so hopefully we’ll be seeing him in a cape soon.

Will this peek at Zack Snyder’s Green Lantern fuel the demands for more Snyderverse movies? Of course it will. Will that help sway the studio’s mind to giving audiences more? We’ll have to wait and see.