1990s Sitcom Child Star Arrested For Alleged DUI

By Britta DeVore | Published

zachery ty bryan

Becoming famous at a young age may, at first, present itself as a dream come true for those who have big celebrity aspirations, but, as we’ve come to see time and time again, the grown-up lives of child stars are often rife with struggles. Such can certainly be said for Zachery Ty Bryan, whose face was plastered on the walls of teenage girls everywhere back in the ‘90s when he appeared opposite Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Tim Allen in Home Improvement. Now, Bryan has been taking different kinds of headshots as the actor keeps running into trouble with the law with his latest entanglement being an arrest over an alleged DUI incident that happened over the weekend.

One Arrest, Multiple Charges

zachery ty bryan

According to the police records, the 42-year-old entertainer was arrested by La Quinta Police in the wee hours of Saturday morning for suspicion of driving under the influence with three or more priors. To make matters even worse, Zachery Ty Bryan’s vehicle matched the profile of an automobile they were looking for that was believed to have been involved in a traffic collision. After spotting the car on the road, the officers conducted a traffic stop before booking Bryan for driving under the influence as well as contempt of court – his court date is set for April 23.

The Beginning Of The Bad News

zachery ty bryan

A divorced father of seven, Zachery Ty Bryan starting making headlines in 2020 after his divorce. Allegations against the former sitcom star included felony strangulation, misdemeanor charges of fourth-degree assault, and interfering with making a police report, all in connection to an argument with his then-girlfriend in Oregon. When it was his time to make his case, Bryan pleaded guilty to two of the charges, with six of the others lodged against him taken off the table and dismissed.

His punishment was three years of bench probation, classes with a batterer intervention team, and a restraining order from the victim that ensured all contact between the two was cut off.

Assault Allegations

Zachery Ty Bryan’s name hit the media’s radar yet again for all the wrong reasons during the summer of last year following a domestic disturbance call that was said to be between a male and a female. By the time the cops arrived, Bryan had fled the scene, but officers later found him and booked him for felony assault, in violation of the Abuse Prevention Act. For this charge, he would plead guilty in October and go to jail for seven days. 

Add Fraud To The List Of Charges

On top of his abuse allegations and convictions, Zachery Ty Bryan also faced the heat of the law in June 2023 after the child actor was accused of participating in a fraudulent agriculture-technology startup scam. The plan involved fake contracts with Bryan allegedly raking in thousands – with sources believing the numbers total close to $50,000 – from unsuspecting victims who handed their hard-earned cash over to the ex-Home Improvement star.

Not Much Of A Screen Career Left

Before Zachery Ty Bryan’s 2020 divorce from Carly Matros after 13 years of marriage, the actor was still nabbing roles in TV shows following the end of Home Improvement, including spots on popular titles like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars. His on-screen career was even better as Bryan became part of Vin Diesel’s family, with a featured performance in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Though his name hasn’t been added to a call sheet in over a decade, Zachery Ty Bryan was recently attached to Netflix’s live-action/adult animation hybrid superhero series, The Guardians of Justice. Whether the actor will still appear in the project following these new allegations remains to be seen. 

Source: TMZ