Yellowstone Planned Story Killed Because Of Show’s Cancellation

By Jason Collins | Published


Paramount Network has put Yellowstone on a chopping block, and as a result, the series ended up as just another release in a series of releases that have met their untimely demise due to cancellation. However, as TVLine reports, the now-canceled show was supposed to introduce a long-lost Dutton brother.

Cory Asbury Had Been Cast To Play A Dutton Brother

The revelation about the long-lost Dutton brother comes from Christian rocker Cory Asbury, who revealed that he had been cast for Season 6 of Yellowstone. Asbury was supposed to portray the long-lost brother of Kayce Dutton and was genuinely fired up about the role. Even his family was on board with his casting despite having to move and live in Montana during the filming of the series. Unfortunately, those plans won’t come to fruition now that the show has been officially canceled.

Considering the number of times Asbury was asked about his casting, it would seem that his portrayal would have been important for the narrative and probably very impactful for the Dutton family. But not all is lost when it comes to Asbury’s portrayal of the long-lost Dutton brother. The decision to ax Yellowstone was made about halfway through the first part of Season 5—yes, there are two parts of the season—with the back half of the season scheduled to broadcast in November next year.

Kevin Costner Won’t Return For Final Episodes

kevin costner

Additionally, the show saw the departure of Kevin Costner, who apparently won’t make an appearance in Season 5 Part 2. The reasons behind Costner’s absence are many, including failed contract negotiation, butting heads with the show’s producer, Taylor Sheridan, and conflicting schedules. The truth is somewhere out there, apparently, and whatever it may be, it doesn’t actually change the fact that Yellowstone is done.

Prequels And Spinoffs

harrison ford 1923

Fortunately, we live in an era of sequels, prequels, and spin-offs—the media franchise era—and Yellowstone went on a full-blown MCU-like expansion, giving birth to already-released 1883 and 1923 prequel series. With upcoming releases like 6666, 1944, and 2024 currently in development, Asbury’s portrayal of the long-lost Dutton brother isn’t outside the realm of possibilities. So, while the flagship series is ending, Asbury could still make an appearance in some way, shape, or form.

Matthew McConaughey’s Reported Involvement

Matthew McConaughey

The latter of the three upcoming releases, 2024, is actually a sequel series to Yellowstone. It was announced in May this year, with actor Matthew McConaughey in talks to star in the show’s leading role. It’s not hard to imagine the series being a Season 6 of Yellowstone in spirit. However, there really hasn’t been much news on the development front for the sequel series, but we’re most likely to learn more as the final days of Yellowstone approach.

The Lost Brother Could Appear In 2024

If that turns out to be true, and 2024 turns out to be a true successor of Yellowstone, Asbury might still portray the long-lost Dutton brother and still have some impact on the overall narrative of the franchise. If not, it’s possible that the whole idea has been scrapped or that a different actor might take Asbury’s place as the character of Kayce’s brother.