Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Is Morpheus In Matrix Resurrections, Our Scoop Confirmed

Our exclusive scoop about The Matrix Resurrections has been confirmed and Yahya Abdul-Mateen will be playing a young Morpheus

By Doug Norrie | Updated

yahya abdul mateen II the matrix resurrections trailer

We had the news a few months ago, well before anyone else was reporting it, about who Yahya Abdul-Mateen would play in The Matrix Resurrections. We told you then that one of our trusted and proven sources had it that Mateen’s role would be a younger version of Morpheus in the movie, set to take over for Laurence Fishburne in the role. That was confirmed with the first trailer released for the movie which dropped today. We got our first chance to see Abdul Mateen as Morpheus handing over the signature red pill to Keanu Reeves’s Neo. 

The trailer for The Matrix Resurrections looks absolutely incredible with us catching up with a somewhat clueless Neo sitting in a psychiatrist’s office discussing some of the same confusion and “crazy” we saw from him when it all started back in The Matrix all those years ago. But it doesn’t take long for Yahya Abdul-Mateen to show up in the signature black overcoat and glasses telling Neo it’s “time to fly” with a red pill and opening up the “truth” about the world they live in. Plus we are treated to a training sequence similar to the first movie though with significant changes to the timing. That’s because it looks like Morpheus, in this iteration, has much less onboarding to do for Neo this time around. Check out the trailer for The Matrix Resurrections:


We get a few more glimpses of Yahya Abdul-Mateen along the way in the trailer with the movie looking like it pulls very few punches. Frankly, from this first look, The Matrix Resurrections looks absolutely incredible, a significantly upgraded visual experience from the first trilogy which was already at, or close, to the pinnacle of visual success when it first came out. The world is different though now, with the Matrix itself back in full effect and some of the original characters like Keanu Reeves’s Neo and Carrie Ann Moss’s Trinity inserted back into their “daily lives”. This is where the new version of Morpheus comes in, along with some new faces as well. 

Along with Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann Moss, Jada Pinkett Smith will reprise her role as Niobi and Lambert Wilson is back as The Merovingian. But much of the rest of the cast is new this time around with Laurence Fishburne coming out some time ago saying he wasn’t asked to come back to reprise his role. That is where Yahya Mateen-Abdul comes in and he is joined by other franchise newcomers like Neil Patrick Harris who we see at the beginning, plus Jessica Henwick, Priyanka Chopra Jones, Christina Ricci, and Jonathan Groff who is now playing a version of Agent Smith (played by Hugo Weaving in the original). 

Yahya Abdul-Mateen is just coming off an incredibly successful summer, playing the lead in Nia Da Costa and Jordan Peele’s Candyman sequel/ reboot. He was fantastic in the lead, bringing a slow burn story and angst to a character in a flick that transcended the horror genre. And the big-budget movie roles are rolling for Abdul-Mateen who, in addition to The Matrix Resurrections, will also be reprising his role as Black Manta in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom when that comes out next year. The Matrix Resurrections is set to release on December 22nd of this year. It won’t be long until we see Yahya Abdul-Mateen as Young Morpheus.