Vin Diesel Wants Fast And Furious Cars Replaced With Submarines?

Vin Diesel wants to take the Fast & Furious franchise under the sea.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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The best moments in the Fast & Furious movies are when they manage to surprise you. With eight movies in the main storyline so far, that has to be getting more and more difficult. Part of why the franchise still performs so strongly though is that the team has risen up to the challenge. “They got a tank,” was one of the best scenes in the movies for a reason. So what are they going to manage to do to surprise us in the future? Vin Diesel thinks they should head underwater. 

This news comes from the insiders at We Got This Covered. They’ve heard that Vin Diesel wants to take the crew underwater. Right now, we have Fast & Furious 9 coming this summer. Then, they’ll be releasing the 10th and 11th movies in quick succession to end the main story for the franchise. If they’re going to do some big underwater scenes, the time is coming.

Technically, we’ve seen a submarine in Fast & Furious 8. That scene had a lot of different kinds of motorized vehicles and didn’t really go underwater to explore all the potential there. Diving deep under the surface for a significant portion of the film would be an entirely different experience. Studios tend to shy away from doing too many underwater scenes. Making them visually awesome can be difficult and expensive, but it isn’t like Fast & Furious has been afraid of a big budget. It sounds like Vin Diesel may be committed to going all the way with the potential here. Which begs the question: what is the potential? What kinds of vehicles could Dom and the crew blow up or otherwise destroy under the sea? 

vin diesel

The world of underwater transportation is actually a lot more diverse than you might think. It’s hard to get clear answers on questions like how fast a submarine can travel because the Navy likes to keep that information classified on their own vehicles and they have a lot of the top performers. Or at least, we assume so. Some of the best documentation on their vehicles that they’ve released so far is full of blank pages and blacked-out lines. It’s doubtful we’d be seeing Vin Diesel in some of the cute personal submarines that tourists get to use. We’d likely be seeing fast, sleek submarines, or luxury submarines, or perhaps their take on a supersonic submarine. The possibilities get really fun.

While their underwater adventures could be extremely exciting, it isn’t as curious as their goals to leave Earth. Michelle Rodriguez previously confirmed that in Fast & Furious 9, they’ll be headed for outer space. We’ve seen the trailer and it doesn’t mention Elon Musk once. When Vin Diesel has been asked to confirm that he spends some time in a rocketship, he said the director likes to play with whatever is “plausible”. This is the best nonanswer because what Justin Lin has deemed “plausible” for Fast & Furious so far has stretched the meaning of that word in all the best ways. How ridiculous could Vin Diesel and the crew traveling to space get? I doubt we can even guess.

We won’t have too much longer to wait on this one. Fast & Furious 9 finally releases on June 25, 2021.