Vin Diesel Gets Emotional And Reveals That Fast 10 Cut Out An Important Character

Vin Diesel had an emotional reaction to a Fast & Furious star not being originally included in Fast X. He made a plea for it to change

By Doug Norrie | Published

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Vin Diesel is about to wrap up his massive, billion-dollar franchise when Fast & Furious concludes its initial run over the next couple of years, bringing to a close the narrative arc for Diesel’s Dom Toretto. But though that set of movies will draw to a close, it won’t be with all of the original actors and actresses. Of course, star Paul Walker died tragically in 2013 and now another one of the original cast was close to not returning for the 10th installment of the franchise which is set to release next summer. Vin Diesel shared an emotional post detailing just who also almost didn’t join the last couple of films.

In a lengthy, and a bit meandering, though emotional, Instagram post, Vin Diesel talked about how original The Fast and Furious star Jordana Brewster wasn’t originally included in this movie, currently titled Fast X. The post by Vin Diesel includes a grainy picture of him, Paul Walker, and Jordan Brewster hugging, presumably on the set of the first movie. Diesel includes something of a tribute to the actress, to Paul Walker, a reflection on his life and the franchise and what it meant to have worked on these movies together. Check it out:

This post was in response to another Instagram post from a fan who was asking to make the last Fast & Furious movie more in line with the original film. The plea had to do with the original (and presumably stripped-down) film compared to those that followed in this franchise. In the post, the request came as a way to honor the familial aspects of the first movie and how the franchise has tried to maintain this theme throughout. Check out the first Instagram post and how it prompted Vin Diesel to respond. 

In his post, Vin Diesel says that Jordana Brewster originally wasn’t included in the Fast X script, something the actor just couldn’t get on board with for this penultimate movie. And he even claims that his daughter had strong words for the director (Justin Lin), saying, “No Mia, no Fast 10.” Whether this was the actual prompt to reverse course on the decision to include Mia (Brewster) in the script isn’t clear, but it does appear that she will be in the film in some role. In his post, Diesel also talks about Paul Walker (he refers to him by the actor’s nickname, Pablo) and the latter’s tragic passing during the filming of Furious 7. 

Because the Fast & Furious franchise has always espoused the ideas of family and unity, these recent words by Vin Diesel do ring true on that front, at least along thematic lines. And these final two movies will bring back many of the regulars from the franchise including Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang, Nathalie Emmanuel, and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges. Charlize Theron will return as Cipher and Jason Momoa is on board in some sort of villain role. Vin Diesel and company are set to bring Fast X to theaters on May 19th of next year and the 11th and final installment could come out a year later.