See Vin Diesel Reveal The Title For The Next Fast & Furious

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel is known to give plenty of updates via his social media accounts, which includes heavily being involved on Instagram. Some months ago, he revealed that he would be returning to the fan-favorite character known as Riddick soon enough. That was certainly some welcomed news for those who are fans of the Pitch Black film series. Now it appears as if the actor has coyly released the title of the new Fast & Furious film via a small yet huge update on his Instagram page. You can see the announcement of the film’s name below:

Considering that this is the film’s tenth entry, it makes all the sense in the world to call it Fast & Furious X. Not only because X symbolizes 10 in Roman numerals, but it just looks clean and bombastic. That is certainly the case for most of the films in this franchise. They all look great but are ridiculous in nature. That’s to say the films continually break the laws of physics, and it has become a running joke for quite some time. Regardless of how anyone actually feels about them, Vin Diesel and company have held fantastic careers as a result of this franchise that started back in 2001. No one quite knew the monster this film series would turn into, but the box office numbers don’t lie. Through all Fast & Furious entries, the films have made over $6.6 billion dollars in box office numbers. Those are some huge gains.

Fast & Furious X has been split into two parts, and the first of the two is currently being worked on. Vin Diesel has been very candid about revealing plenty of announcements. One of those was the addition of Brie Larson to the cast. It was a dream come true for the actress, as she had begged to be added to the billion-dollar franchise just months before she had been officially cast. On top of that, Jason Momoa has been revealed to be appearing as the new film’s villain. There have been no other cast announcements made just yet, apart from series regulars like Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese, Nathalie Emmanuel, Ludacris, and Sung Kang returning. Kang plays the role of Han, and it was revealed in F9 that he was alive and well. How’s that for a twist? The final entries will have to be the accumulation of the franchises’ storied history, so who knows who might show up for the final films. There have been rumors that a Paul Walker cameo might be on its way, though it would be made possible through digital footage of some kind.

Fast & Furious X will be gracing film screens in May of 2023. Hopefully, this means there will not be any delays, considering the filming has begun now. F9 had dealt with plenty of delays due to stringent covid regulations, but it seems as if those restrictions are slowly beginning to be taken away. Vin Diesel will surely continue to give fans updates as they come along, especially when it comes to new castmates, as they are added. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the family in the next film.