1980s Sci-Fi Horror Mind-Melter Astounds With Incredible Upgrade

By Robert Scucci | Published

  • One of the most mind-blowing sci-fi classics of the 1980s is getting an updated home release.
  • David Cronenberg’s Videodrome has been updated to 4k and releases through The Criterion Collection.
  • Videodrome is a sci-fi body horror film that examines media manipulation.

David Cronenberg’s Videodrome finally got the update it deserves and is now currently available through The Criterion Collection. When it comes to mind-altering body horror, this James Woods-starring film is one of the best, and will have you screaming “long live the new flesh” before jamming your head into your television set and searching your stomach for concealed weapons. There are three different versions of Videodrome available for purchase, but it comes with strong recommendations that you pick up the 4K Blu-ray version for $39.96 because it comes with two disks, and a whole slew of extra features that you won’t want to miss out on.

Videodrome Is A Unique Experience


Videodrome is one of those films that you just need to sit back and let happen to you. Not unlike like James Woods’ Max Renn, you’ll get sucked into the narrative and end up questioning your own reality by the time the film concludes.

Videodrome Explores How Media Messes With Us


Playing with the concept of media manipulation at its highest level, Videodrome focuses on Max Renn, the president of CIVIC-TV, who specializes in controversial and sensationalist programming. He becomes enthralled with a program called Videodrome, which depicts torture and murder, and wants to learn more about it. When Max learns that the footage is real, he investigates the program and its origins, which sends him on a hallucinatory odyssey where the line between what’s being broadcast and what’s being experienced in real life becomes increasingly blurred.

Renn finds out that Videodrome causes its viewing subjects to develop malignant brain tumors, which triggers vivid hallucinations that are considered by its creators to be a higher form of consciousness.

New Features


The updated 4K Blu-ray version of Videodrome will feature more than just a restored version of the cult-classic. Not only will you be able to bear witness to the unrated version of the film, but you can take a behind-the-scenes deep dive as you listen to its accompanying audio commentaries. The first commentary track features David Cronenberg and director of photography Mark Irwin, and the second commentary track features James Woods and Deborah Harry.

The Actual Videodrome

The Blu-ray update will also feature seven minutes of unedited transmissions from the hypnotic titular program, which will also feature commentary tracks of their own.

Forging The New Flesh

In addition to the commentary and extra unabridged footage, you’ll be able to take a look at Forging the New Flesh, which is a short documentary that unpacks how all of the video and prosthetic effects found in Videodrome were conceptualized and developed.

And there’s plenty more where that came from. If you’re one to enjoy in-depth conversations about filmmaking, the 1982 Fear on Film round table discussion that comes with your purchase features David Cronenberg, John Carpenter, John Landis, and Mick Garris talking at length about the film.

A Mandatory Classic

Videodrome is one of those once-in-a-lifetime movies that you need to own in the flesh. While there’s no denying that the actual film itself will leave you with a profound feeling of unease for weeks, there are so many layers that get peeled back with the bonus content that you’ll be glad you purchased the updated version through The Criterion Collection.

Source: The Criterion Collection