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The R-Rated ’80s Horror Classic Being Kept Off Streaming

Long live the new flesh! Videodrome, David Cronenberg’s 1983 sci-fi body-horror cult masterpiece, might be the only film to feature …

14 hours ago

star trek kellerun

Star Trek Actor ‘Pissed’ About Discovery Finale Twist

Star Trek: Discovery has been a rollercoaster of quality for long-time fans of the franchise, but the recent series finale …

1 month ago

The Surprising Reason Star Trek Discovery Re-Used A Ship Design

Star Trek is a franchise that has often shamelessly re-used ships and sets whenever possible. As you might expect, the …

1 month ago

Star Trek Agent Daniels

Star Trek: Agent Daniels, Explained

The series finale of Star Trek: Discovery wrapped up many loose ends while dropping some major revelations. Arguably the biggest …

2 months ago

Netflix Turned Down Iconic Director’s New Sci-Fi Horror Thriller

After becoming one of the first businesses to tap into providing a stream of seemingly endless content for subscribers, Netflix …

2 months ago

The Shrouds Reveals New David Cronenberg Sci-Fi Horror Thriller, See In Action

Variety revealed a new teaser for The Shrouds, an upcoming film from auteur director David Cronenberg. The film follows a …

2 months ago

david cronenberg star trek discovery

David Cronenberg Almost Directed The Best Star Wars Movie

Over the last many years, Star Wars has been treated to all sorts of new writer voices and director visions …

3 months ago

a dangerous method

David Cronenberg’s Underrated Psychological Gem Needs Rediscovery

Horror genre legend David Cronenberg has occasionally taken detours from grotesque body horror transformation, parasites, and other themes often found …

3 months ago

viggo mortensen

David Cronenberg Makes the Longest Movie of His Career and We Can’t Wait

David Cronenberg, who downplays his cinematic legend by declaring himself to be a self-professed “Canadian filmmaker,” has a new movie …

4 months ago

The Greatest Horror Filmmaker Is Finally Making Another Movie, Why You Need To Get Excited

The mind behind some of horror’s most unsettling stories, David Cronenberg, returns to the genre with The Shrouds, a new …

4 months ago

Humane Makes Family Choose Who Dies To Save The Planet, See The Sci-Fi Horror Comedy In Action

The trailer for Humane, an upcoming dystopian thriller movie, just dropped, showcasing the directorial debut of Caitlin Cronenberg, and it’s …

4 months ago

Vintage Sci-Fi Movie Posters For Alternate Versions We Need To See

Hollywood history is full of could’ve beens, alternate versions of sci-fi movies that never quite came about. If there are …

4 months ago

1990s Sci-Fi Paranoid Thriller Gets Under Your Skin, Stream Now Without Netflix

If you haven’t yet discovered David Cronenberg’s 1999 flick eXistenZ, now is as good a time as any. The sci-fi/thriller/horror …

5 months ago


1980s Sci-Fi Horror Mind-Melter Astounds With Incredible Upgrade

David Cronenberg’s Videodrome finally got the update it deserves and is now currently available through The Criterion Collection. When it …

5 months ago

Intense Sci-Fi Horror Made Audiences Sick, Now On Streaming

Audiences may have been prepared to bring a barf bag along with them when going to screenings of Damien Leone’s …

11 months ago

jeff goldblum

Jeff Goldblum Classic Movie Voted #1 In Iconic Director’s Whole Filmography

Jeff Goldblum and Mel Brooks were major parts of David Cronenberg’s The Fly.

1 year ago

rachel weisz dead ringers

Rachel Weisz Looks Dangerously Sexy In First Dead Ringers Reveal

Rachel Weisz will star in a new adaptation of David Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers.

1 year ago

alexander skarsgard nepotism

Alexander Skarsgard Has A Shocking Viewpoint On The Nepotism Debate

Alexander Skarsgard admits that on a “daily” basis, he struggles with “insecurities” that the only gets acting work because of his famous father Stellan Skarsgard.

2 years ago

bambi horror movie

The Most Horrifying Science Fiction Film Of The 1980s Is Being Remade

HBO is developing a series based on David Cronenberg’s Scanners.

2 years ago

kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart’s New Movie Is So Gross That Audience Members Walk Out

Maybe they can just make the popcorn buckets dual-use?

2 years ago

viggo mortensen
viggo mortensen

Viggo Mortensen Is Making A Futuristic Transhumanism Movie

Viggo Mortensen and David Cronenberg are teaming back up for a movie that will look into the future with morality and tech at question

3 years ago

david lynch

Black Mirror: 5 Filmmakers Who Need To Make The U.S. Version

If you’re going to remake it, at least get the right people.

9 years ago

See How Scanners Made The Iconic Exploding Head

It’s easily one of the most iconic deaths in science fiction film history. In David Cronenberg’s Scanners, an evil weapons …

10 years ago


John Lithgow Turned Down The Lead In Cronenberg’s The Fly Because It Was Gross

John Lithgow has inhabited some unforgettable science fiction roles over the years. Dr. Lizardo in The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai …

10 years ago

David Cronenberg On Why His Fly Sequel Didn’t Get Made

Although there was a Fly II already made, starring Eric Stoltz and Daphne Zuniga, David Cronenberg had originally started writing …

12 years ago