The Vampire Movies On Netflix To Stream In Time For Halloween

By Steven Nelson | Published

When it comes to Halloween, there is no better genre to dive into than vampire movies for a little (or big) scare. Netflix has a ton of offerings in time for the holiday with all kinds of different flicks within this class.

Let’s take a look at the best vampire movies on Netflix.

John Carpenter’s Vampires

Streaming on Netflix, John Carpenter’s Vampires takes a bite out of the typical vampire movie genre, infusing it with a gritty, almost western-style flair.

Directed by the iconic John Carpenter, this 1998 film offers a less romanticized, more rough-and-tumble take on the vampire mythos.

The film follows Jack Crow, played by James Woods, a relentless vampire hunter working for the Vatican. He’s your classic, tough-as-nails protagonist with a personal vendetta against the bloodsucking creatures.

When Crow and his team encounter Valek, a master vampire seeking an ancient artifact to make these undead invulnerable to sunlight, things get seriously intense.

John Carpenter’s Vampires stands out for its action-packed sequences, Carpenter’s signature style, and a more grounded approach to vampire lore. It strips away the gothic romance commonly associated with vampires, replacing it with harsh sunlight, dust, and blood.

This film may not be for the faint-hearted, but for those who like their movies with a side of grit and adrenaline, it’s a must-watch.

Night Teeth

Night Teeth sinks its fangs into the vampire genre with a modern, neon-lit twist. This 2021 film isn’t your typical bloodsucker tale; it’s a stylish, fast-paced ride through a vampire-infested Los Angeles.

The story revolves around Benny, a college student and part-time chauffeur. His night takes a wild turn when he realizes his two passengers are not just party-hopping socialites, but vampires.

As the night unfolds, Benny is plunged into the hidden world of vampire clans and turf wars, where the city’s nightlife is literally alive with danger.

Night Teeth combines the allure of the undead myth with the pulsing energy of LA’s nightlife. It’s a fresh take on the genre, offering a blend of action, suspense, and a bit of dark humor.

While it may not redefine vampire movies, it certainly gives the genre a fun, contemporary spin. For those looking for a vampire flick with a different bite, Night Teeth delivers a thrilling, neon-drenched adventure.

Dracula Untold

Dracula Untold is a unique twist on the vampire movie genre, streaming on Netflix. This 2014 film offers a blend of history and horror, diving into the origins of the most infamous vampire of all time, Dracula.

The story is a dark and brooding affair, focusing on Vlad the Impaler, the real-life figure who inspired the Dracula legend. But here’s the catch: it portrays Vlad as a tragic hero.

Faced with the impossible choice of surrendering his son to the Ottoman Empire or defending his kingdom, Vlad turns to dark powers. Enter the vampire angle — he gains supernatural strength but also a thirst for blood.

Dracula Untold stands out for trying something different. It’s a mashup of historical epic and supernatural horror, offering a backstory to a character often seen as the ultimate villain. The film has its share of epic battles and gothic atmospheres, making it a visual treat.

Day Shift

jamie foxx netflix day shift

Day Shift takes the vampire movie genre and injects it with a dose of high-octane action and humor, making it a thrilling ride on Netflix. Imagine a world where hunting these baddies is just another blue-collar job — that’s the quirky premise of Day Shift.

The story revolves around a hard-working, down-on-his-luck guy whose job is to exterminate vampires. But here’s the twist: it’s not just about staking vamps; it’s also about making ends meet and providing for his family. This blend of everyday struggles with the supernatural gives Day Shift its unique flavor.

Packed with intense action sequences and peppered with comedic moments, Day Shift is like a rollercoaster through vampire-infested neighborhoods. It’s a refreshing take on the vampire genre, steering away from the typical dark and brooding atmosphere to offer something more lively and entertaining.

If you’re in for a heist movie with a supernatural twist and a good dose of laughter, Day Shift on Netflix is a must-watch. It’s a reminder that even in the world of hunting, it’s all about getting through the day shift.

Vampires vs. The Bronx

Vampires vs. The Bronx offers a delightful blend of horror, comedy, and social commentary, making it a standout vampire flick on Netflix. Think of it as a modern twist on the classic vampire tale, set against the vibrant backdrop of the Bronx.

In this movie, a group of plucky young friends discovers that vampires are planning to take over their neighborhood. It’s not just about bloodsucking fiends; it’s a metaphor for gentrification and the loss of community identity. These kids aren’t just fighting vampires; they’re battling to save the soul of their neighborhood.

The film injects humor and heart into the vampire genre, making it more than just a horror movie. It’s about community, friendship, and standing up against the forces that threaten to drain the life out of neighborhoods.

Vampires vs. The Bronx is a fresh and fun take on the vampire movie genre. If you’re looking for a heist movie with fangs and a lot of heart, this is a must-watch on Netflix. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the real heroes are the kids next door fighting to keep their community alive.

Blood Red Sky

blood red sky 2

Blood Red Sky, now streaming on Netflix, is a high-flying twist on the genre that’s sure to grip you from takeoff. Think ‘vampires at 30,000 feet’ and you’re in the right airspace.

The plot? A transatlantic flight gets hijacked by terrorists, but they’re not the only threat on board. Among the terrified passengers is a mysterious woman with a dark secret—she’s a vampire!

But here’s the twist: she’s not your typical bloodsucker. She’s a protective mother who will do anything to protect her son, even if it means unleashing her fury.

The film is a unique blend of action, horror, and a touch of emotional drama. It flips the vampire story on its head, presenting a creature of the night as the hero rather than the villain. As the altitude rises, so does the tension, with plenty of high-stakes action and blood-curdling moments.