Toy Story 5 Announced And Fans Already Hate It

Toy Story 5 has been announced by Disney, and fans on Twitter have already attacked the idea.

By James Brizuela | Published

toy story

Disney has its Q1 earnings call on February 8th, which led to a ton of new announcements. Some of the big announcements are that the House of Mouse is set to make sequels to some of its biggest franchises. One of which is Toy Story, and though the franchise has always been a hit, fans are quite mad at the prospect of Toy Story 5.

Asking why Toy Story 5 should be made is quite valid. In fact, the franchise should have ended with Toy Story 3, as it had the perfect ending. Disney understands its need and wants to make money, and Toy Story is certainly one of its biggest cash-grab franchises.

The above Twitter use certainly just made our point for us, as Toy Story 5 is certainly a big cash grab. Although Toy Story 4 was also great in its own right, what story do they have left to tell? We certainly want to let the franchise be what it is.

All adult language aside, this tweet certainly brings up an honest point. The world did sort of let Disney slide when the fourth movie was released. However, Toy Story 5 does feel like it’s going to be overkill. The stories of these toys have been done, and it’s time to let them go.

We are not sure how old Andy is going to be when Toy Story 5 is out, but he was heading off to college during the third movie. Considering Bonnie is still a little girl, we imagine the time jump is not that significant, but that is beside the point. This franchise has certainly extended past where it should be.

We could not agree more with the above tweet. The third movie had such a sweet ending, that the franchise could have flown off into the stratosphere as one of the greatest Disney has ever made. However, Toy Story 5 might now sink this great franchise.

This is certainly not the type of movie that we think is going to happen, but we imagine that most fans are feeling like Andy in this situation. Anger and resentment seem to be the growing concern for fans when it comes to Toy Story 5.

We are not saying that Pixar and Disney aren’t great at producing content. In fact, Pixar has become one of the best animation companies in the world, they just need to let the Toy Story franchise be what it is. Toy Story 5 might be about Woody and Buzz reuniting, but that story has been told already.

Fans are clearly not keen on the idea that Toy Story 5 needs to happen, and we certainly feel the same way, as we believe that the third movie is where everything should have ended. However, Disney has been trying to find new ways to pull itself out of losing money and stock prices dropping, which could be why its biggest franchises are soldering on. Toy Story is certainly a big draw but making another movie just isn’t the right choice to make.