First Look At Tom Holland In Cherry, Next Movie From The Avengers: Endgame Directors

In their first film since Avengers: Endgame, Joe and Anthony Russo will direct Tom Holland in Cherry, a dark, inventive new drama coming in 2021.

By Ross Bonaime | Published

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Tom Holland Cherry

The last time directors Anthony and Joe Russo made a film, it was 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, a film that shattered records, featured dozens of superheroes, and became the highest-grossing film in worldwide history. Their latest film, Cherry, at first seems more restrained, a character study starring Tom Holland, but in a recent look at the film, the Russo brother’s next film sounds just as ambitious, but on a smaller scale.

Vanity Fair posted the first look at Cherry, based on the 2018 Nico Walker novel of the same name. Tom Holland plays the eponymous Cherry, and the film shows the character’s life for 15 years. Joe Russo says in the interview that Cherry is broken into six chapters, each of which has a completely different tone depending on where Cherry is in his life. One chapter might be horror, another might have a heavy dose of magical realism. 

Tom Holland Cherry

While the stakes might not be as huge as Thanos threatening to snap half of the galaxy out of existence, the story of Tom Holland’s Cherry certainly has an insane scope to it. Over these 15 years, we will see as Cherry drops out of college to join the Army and serve in Iraq. Once he returns home to his home in Cleveland, he starts taking opioids to combat his PTSD. When he needs money for more drugs, he starts to rob banks. Cherry sounds like a dark spiral downwards, but an exciting opportunity to show everything Holland and the Russos can do.

This will also be the first time since 2006 that the Russo brothers are making a film outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Prior to teaming up with Marvel, the directors worked primarily on comedies, like 2002’s Welcome to Collinwood, 2006’s You, Me and Dupree, and television shows like Arrested Development, Happy Endings, and Community. In their recent, non-Marvel work, however, they’ve tended to work with Marvel actors, having produced 21 Bridges starring Chadwick Boseman, and now Cherry with Tom Holland.

Tom Holland Cherry

2021 is also shaping up to be a massive year for Tom Holland. In addition to Cherry, Holland starts the year with Doug Liman’s often-delayed sci-fi film Chaos Walking, finally getting a release on January 22, 2021. Next year will also see the debut of Holland as Nathan Drake in Ruben Fleischer’s Uncharted adaptation, and he will return to Marvel for the third Spider-Man film, scheduled for release on December 17, 2021.

Tom Holland is mostly known for the innocence he brings to his roles, the Russos say that they’re excited to show a more layered side of Holland. The actor has been stretching himself recently into more daring roles, appearing in 2016’s The Lost City of Z, and this year’s The Devil All the Time, yet with the number of changes that will undergo Cherry, it will be interesting to see how well Holland handles such a dynamic character.

Tom Holland and the Russo brother’s Cherry debuts on February 26, before launching on March 12 through Apple TV+.