See Tom Cruise Defy Death In The Unbelievable Mission: Impossible 7 Trailer

The highly excitable teaser trailer has dropped for Mission: Impossible 7, and once again we see Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt on the run and defying death.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Tom Cruise is certainly having quite a good 2022, as he just released Top Gun: Maverick, which led to the actor being surprised at Cannes with an honorary Palme d’Or award. The film was also gifted a five-minute-long standing ovation after it had been screened at the film festival. Cruise was lauded by this surprise award and gave a rousing speech about his love for the big screen and filmmaking. Now, we finally get to see the man return to another of his iconic big-screen characters, as the long-awaited teaser trailer for Mission: Impossible 7: Dead Reckoning is here. Watch Ethan Hunt defy death once again in this highly excitable and mostly quiet trailer. You can see it below:

The only dialogue that is heard is from a government official that fans might recognize as Henry Czerny from the first film, telling Ethan that he must abandon his ideology of fighting for the “greater good.” He must now “pick a side.” The rest of the trailer shows some intense action happening, though we are not granted the special effects sounds from those intense action sequences. Instead, there is an accompanying score behind all the action, which leads into the crescendo of the Mission: Impossible theme song. From the trailer alone, there is going to be some heavy action that will excite fans of the franchise once again, including a wild end that sees Ethan (Tom Cruise) leaping off a cliff with a motorcycle, which leads to a freefall skydiving situation.

Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, and Rebecca Ferguson are all back for part one of this potential franchise sealing set of films. Also, Hayley Atwell has officially joined the cast, and fans will know her from her time as Agent Carter. She is an MCU legend. Mission: Impossible 7 has been delayed a staggering four times due to the pandemic restrictions but is now set for a June 2023 release date. Cruise usually does his own stunts for these films, and it appears as if Ethan will be made to defy death and perform some radical escape maneuvers per usual. He always seems to be running too, and there is a gorgeous shot of Ethan sprinting through what seems to be a temple of some kind. Either way, he is usually on the move, so it makes sense. Christopher McQuarrie returns as writer and director, as he has led the last two entries, and he will be taking on the final two entries as well.

Ethan Hunt will finally be leaving the franchise, whether or not he actually dies will be something that everyone will have to wait for. However, Tom Cruise has dedicated plenty of time to this franchise, so he is certainly likely ready for a break. Mission: Impossible could continue without the character, as spinoffs are generally what happens to good franchises. Also, the idea could be to also continue the franchise by creating a show. This is all speculation, but it would make sense for that to happen. We will all have to wait until 2023 and 2024 to see the “end” of Ethan Hunt.