Tom Cruise Joining The Fast & Furious Franchise?

Could Tom Cruise's next big challenge be the Fast & Furious franchise? Here's what we've heard.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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The Fast & Furious franchise kind of seems like it was made for a star like Tom Cruise to waltz on set, doesn’t it? Cruise frequently plays cocky characters set into big action sequences. He’s had fun with wild stunts for Mission: Impossible. If the iconic star is looking for another set that will allow him to embrace going as big and wild as possible. there’s no better home than Fast & Furious. Apparently, others share this view. According to what insider Daniel Richtman has recently shared, Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel wants to get Tom Cruise in a cameo for one of their upcoming films.

So, not a major role in one of the movies. Just a cameo that would take up a day or two of Tom Cruise’s time, right? It is likely difficult to get someone as famous as Cruise on the phone, let alone to agree to a part in a movie, but this would be a small part for the star to sign on to. Perhaps to make it more enticing, Vin Diesel will need to offer Tom Cruise something a little more with this offer. Something like a cameo that won’t take up much of his time, but he’ll get to go to space. Or fight a dinosaur. (Yes, that’s really something that’s been discussed.) This franchise rules nothing out, ever. Go big, or go home. That’s the kind of attitude Cruise should be able to get on board with.

Actor Tom Cruise has earned a bit of a reputation for doing his own wild stunts in the Mission: Impossible franchise. He’s done things like fly helicopters, scale buildings, and hang off the side of airplanes while they’re actually flying. The studio has had reservations about many of these moments and fought Cruise on them. Considering that Cruise keeps doing them, it seems most likely that the studio has to give in to keep him happy so they can keep the star on board. With that assumption in mind, Vin Diesel’s best bet to land the actor for Fast & Furious is to spice up that offer with something completely unreasonable and dangerous.


The Fast & Furious franchise has only a few movies left in its main line. We have F9 coming soon. After that, there’s 10, 11, and then they’re done. Vin Diesel and team are looking for new elements they can add to these final films to build them up. It makes sense that he may be looking at stars like Tom Cruise to add a new element of fun and excitement. Only last week, Daniel Richtman had claimed that Diesel was looking to get Dave Bautista to sign on for a role in the franchise.

While this news from Richtman is only a rumor, it’s certainly a fun one that could make sense for Tom Cruise, particularly if there’s a new and exciting challenge in it for the actor. It also makes sense that Vin Diesel might want to add some fun talent in a small way. It seems likely though that if this rumor proves true, it may be something the studio doesn’t confirm until the movie is released. A secret cameo with Cruise would be all the more fun.