Tom Cruise Can Make Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Happen

Apparently there's only one factor in whether or not Edge of Tomorrow 2 gets made. And it's whether or not Tom Cruise wants to.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Tom Cruise has plenty of action films under his belt having been around Hollywood in starring roles for what feels like forever now. And considering he’s one of the last, megastars we have on screen, it stands to reason that if the guy wants to get something made then that film is going to get freaking made. This is Tom Cruise after all. And that’s very much the case with an anticipated sequel for a surprise hit he had a few years ago. Apparently, if Tom Cruise gives the go-ahead then we are getting an Edge of Tomorrow 2

Doug Liman directed Edge of Tomorrow back in 2014 with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in the lead roles. Recently, in an interview with Collider, the director was pretty clear about the mechanics of getting a sequel made. Basically, he said if Cruise and Blunt are on board to return then the movie would be greenlit. It’s really that *simple*. The studio wants the big names involved on-screen and if they give the okay then the production money starts flowing. 

Edge of Tomorrow was a surprisingly good movie when it came out six years ago. Now, the $178 million dollar budget probably means you need to put something good on screen. And a Groundhog’s Day-themed alien invasion flick sure sounded a little weird on paper. But man did it ever work with Tom Cruise’s character living out the same day over and over while bringing Emily Blunt into the fold in their goal to take down the alien invaders. It merely doubled its production costs at the box office ($370 million) but the critics loved it with 91% on the Tomatometer

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And fans have been waiting for a Tom Cruise follow-up ever since. If Liman’s interview is any indication, here’s to hoping the actor is willing to take another spin. Liman said in the past that another movie would likely be along the lines of a prequel (time in this universe is malleable) and that the production would be stripped down compared to the first. 

We might never get another Edge of Tomorrow but there’s more Tom Cruise on the way. We are still waiting for the release of Maverick which was delayed because of pandemic-related closings. The long-awaited sequel to Top Gun is scheduled to hit theaters in July of this summer. 

And of course, he’s currently filming numbers seven and eight in the Mission Impossible franchise. When he can get crews to keep masks on that is. Those movies are coming out in November 2021 and 2022 respectively. Considering the size and scope of the previous films in the franchise, there’s reason to get pumped about more Ethan Hunt. 

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So even if Tom Cruise never takes Cage time looping again in an Edge of Tomorrow sequel, the dude is still out here bringing the full action. That being said, since we now know the movie’s fate might rest in his megastar hands, here’s to hoping he gives it the thumbs up.