See Tim McGraw And Faith Hill In First Trailer For Yellowstone 1883

Check out the first trailer for Yellowstone 1883 starring Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as the Dutton family makes their way west on the frontier

By Doug Norrie | Published

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yellowstone 1883 trailer tim mcgraw faith hill

Yellowstone has been something of a surprise hit for Paramount+ in that it not only introduced a sweeping story in a rather unlikely place but that it’s also now spawned an entire franchise around the Duttons. Creator Taylor Sheridan did such an outstanding job building the original world that it has necessitated more stories. And there is a prequel coming that will tell the story about how the Duttons originally landed in Montana. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are set to star in the Yellowstone 1883, which will travel all the way back to the titular year to show how exactly the family got their start on the frontier. 

The first trailer for Yellowstone 1883 dropped this week and it details a violent and brutal time period with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as James and Margaret Dutton, the great-grandparents of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton from the original series. The series is setting up as a journey west to the new frontier with the tag line from this trailer an ominous “The Road West Was Paved In Blood”. It’s a harrowing sign of what will come with this new series and the first trailer lets on that it will be a vicious time for the Duttons as they begin their journey. Check out the first trailer for Yellowstone 1883. 

Joining Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in the Yellowstone prequel 1883 is a solid cast of characters, each of whom appears to have their own motivations for traveling west into the new frontier. Sam Elliott appears to have a feature role as Shea Brennan, the de facto leader of the expedition who appears hardened by his years living in this relatively lawless area in the early version of the United States. And then there is Billy Bob Thornton as Marshall Jim Courtright who basically announces that it’s okay for him to kill others if he sees fit. Isabel May, LaMonica Garrett, Marc Rissman, and Eric Nelsen help round out some of the cast. 

From the early scenes of the Yellowstone 1883 trailer, we see Tim McGraw having to resort to deadly ends in order to avoid a group of dudes clearly out for blood. And it doesn’t seem to get much easier from there. This show looks like it carries over much of the same violence and brutality from the original series with much of the same intrigue as well. Much like Yellowstone is a new kind of show, detailing the cattle ranching world that we likely didn’t realize was so high-stakes, this one will leave it all out there in the story about how the Dutton kingdom was formed. 

And we won’t have long to wait now for Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and the rest of the crew in Yellowstone 1883. The series is set to start streaming on Paramount+ on December 19th. At the same time, Yellowstone is currently in its fourth season with the finale coming shortly after the premiere of 1883. There is another show in this franchise coming down the pike as well. That will be 6666 which will take place in the same time period as the original, just at another ranch.