Yellowstone 1883 Announces Full Cast To Join Sam Elliott and Faith Hill

By Tyler Pisapia | 30 seconds ago

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Fans of the Paramount TV series Yellowstone just got their biggest and densest information drop yet about what to expect from the upcoming prequel series, Yellowstone 1883. The prequel has been teased to fans in many ways over the past few months. In addition to a flashback in a recent episode of season 4 of the Kevin Costner-led flagship show, fans were treated to a trailer for Yellowstone 1883 earlier this month that revealed previously announced cast members such as Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Sam Elliot, Billy Bob Thornton and more. The trailer didn’t offer much, but Collider notes that it gave fans their first look at how the infamous Dutton family began their reign as one of the United States’ most ruthless and successful landowners. 

Yellowstone 1883 will focus on some of the original Duttons making the treacherous trek across the Great Plains of the country in the days of the wild west. It will focus on the original patriarch, James Dutton, trying to keep his family safe as they herd longhorn cattle from Texas to their eventual stomping grounds in Montana. He’s joined by his wife, daughter and young son.

Now, thanks to a big information dump by series creator Taylor Sheridan, fans were offered not only a complete cast list but some more character information as well. Deadline reports that, joining the pre-existing cast of Yellowstone 1883 series regulars are Audie Rick (Kenobi: A Star Wars Story), Marc Rissmann (Game of Thrones), Eric Nelsen and James Landry Hébert (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood). Rick will play James’ youngest son, Rissmann will play a European immigrant who travels with his wife (Anna Fiamora) and a company of paid guides. Nelsen and Wade play handsome young cowboys tasked with getting the caravan to its destination safely. 

Also rounding out the Yellowstone 1883 cast are Dawn Olivieri (Bright), Emma Malouff (American Crime Story), Alex Fine, Gratiela Brancusi, Nichole Galicia (Django Unchained), Stephanie Nur (Four Women and a Funeral), Amanda Jaros (Women of the Movement), Noah Le Gros (A Score to Settle) and Martin Sensmeier (Yellowstone).

Together, they complete the cast of Yellowstone 1883 with a host of colorful characters such as extended Dutton family members, a sharp-minded widow, a recently widowed mother looking to find a home for her two kids, an immigrant seeking adventure, prostitutes seeking a different kind of adventure as well as more cowboys and Native Americans. 

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However, perhaps the most enigmatic Yellowstone 1883 character of the series that has been teased is Sam Elliot’s character, Shea Brennan. Entertainment Weekly describes the character in very ominous but frontier-savvy terms. He is a Civil War veteran who suffers some kind of great tragedy at the top of the series that prompts him to take it upon himself to make sure the Duttons and the rest of the caravan get to where they’re going in Montana safely. The article, as well as promotional photos for the show, indicate that Sam Elliot spends a majority of the series on a horse. Being an old west show, it seems he also spends a good portion of the series in the same wool clothing, which the actor noted was a bit of a physical challenge for him at 77 in the heat of Texas.